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Srikanth, a boy from Coimbatore, India has become the first person from India to be registered in the Guinness book for Karate! How did he do it? Srikanth performed kata for 24 hours straight! To insure the record remains his he is planning on a 36 hour performance in the near future! Now that’s the martial spirit. The boy (whose age isn’t mentioned) was encouraged by his coach and onlookers alike. It was only through his will that he lasted the full 24 hours since many onlookers reported feeling tired just watching him.

Srikanth, the young Karate master, while participating at various school, district, State and national-level competitions, has so far won more than 56 medals. Srikanth and his coach had chosen 30 katas in shitoryu style to perform imaginary fighting in a free form. Srikanth’s coach, Karthik says , “He was just like any other normal child. After joining karate school he practiced rigorously and won various medals at inter-school, national , state level competitions. He participated in the World Karate Championship held at Phillippines where he couldn’t win a medal but the defeat made him move forward. By observing his determination and hard work we further groomed him. Now, being a World record holder, he plans to cross the 24 hours level.” Expressing gratitude to his coach, Srikanth says, “My coach helped me a lot. He guided me with more techniques and encouraged me to set the record. By the month of May I started practice in full swing.”

Devraj, the technical director of Alan Tilak Karate School, says, “ Srikanth has been practicing for past six years. It is the first time we are recording Karate. It’s an imaginary fight, you need to practice really hard. It’s called an imaginative movement and it is based on Yogas and Sadas. It is an art, not something for a street fight.” Srikanth, started Karate when he was studying in a primary class. He developed a deep interest in this art, which involves defensive and attacking techniques, and then onwards he could never keep himself away from this sport. Karate means “empty hand”. It is an effective means of self-defense, but it is also an intense, full body exercise; a philosophy of life; and for millions of people around the world, an exciting competitive sport.
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