The Trials of Training

Sensei Post in Training notes,

Some days it is difficult to get up let alone exercise! Then there is training, training is much more then exercise it is a much more serious commitment. Exercise keeps you in decent shape and with luck away from the doctors office. Training is goal driven and much more intense. Training is not something you do casually 3 times a week, training consumes most of your time and your thoughts. Training means you think, before every meal or snack, about the impact the food you are looking at will have on your training efforts. Training means never finding an excuse to skip a workout or training session. It is no wonder that most people/professional athletes have trainers!! Without a trainer it can be all to easy to take a break or not push yourself that extra bit you need to progress. Sometimes when we train we use the buddy system to guilt us into training. A good buddy wants out as bad as you do some days but won’t admit it because you won’t! Now that’s motivation…self-imposed peer pressure!
Over the years I have worked with some pretty amazing people both amazingly good and amazingly bad! With the amazingly good people there was never a question of pushing me to far or not far enough. There was a harmony in our mutual efforts. With the bad ‘partners’ they would either push to hard or barely at all, either whimping out or giving way to many excuses. These were good people but they just wanted to exercise, not train! For the past few years I have been going it alone, my schedule doesn’t allow for a training partner actually my schedule doesn’t really allow for training…until now. I’ve realized that I have only been exercising lately and I miss training badly. So I am saying it here and now for all to hear, I’ve become what I loath…a bad training partner! Luckily I am not training with anyone! πŸ™‚ But I have been fooling myself for far to long and giving myself far to many excuses and free rides. It is funny how we can do that…fool ourselves. Equally publicly I am say this…no more!! I will avoid the pitfalls of laziness and drive myself like I know I can for only then will I succeed. So wish me luck for tomorrow is a new day and I will create a new day!

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