Brother’s fight, these Brother’s WIN!!

Sensei Post in Competition

At the Cancun Open International Karate Championship the Miller Brothers, Jeremiah and Adam, came out winners. Two of only 12 American competitors at the tournament, these boys faced competitors from Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Guatemala, Canada and some of the islands.
Jeremiah Miller won all five of his individual 14- to 15-year-old black belt divisions. He then went on to win the grand championship and finally the overall championship in weapons for the age groups 14 to 17 doing his traditional sword maneuvers. Jeremiah recently received his second-degree black belt in martial arts.
Adam Miller won all eight of his 12- to 13-year-old black belt divisions and won grand champion for the 13-and-under Xtreme forms division. He also was the champion in his fighting divisions.
The boys who attend High School and Middle School respectively are honor roll students in Seminole, Florida. The Miller brothers as they have come to be known are part of the Sidekick International Competition Team coached by world champion master John Chung. The boys are serious about their martial arts and also train at Jim Graden’s Karate in Seminole and also train privately with Sensei Daniel Sterling from Team Paul Mitchell. Both are national and world champions in forms, weapons and sparring. Knowing that there victory is not all that surprising but given their age it is still very impressive! Congrats, from the Staff of and if the Miller Brother’s should happen to read this, drop us a comment and say Hi.

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