Sensei Post in Training notes

Pushups are a very important part of any training program. But we only benefit from pushups that are done correctly. Since many students have a hard time doing a perfect pushup I thought I’d write this little blurb. Take a look at the image below. Notice that the body stays straight throughout the pushup. Your butt should NOT move/bend. When you go down your arms and back should form a flat surface. Another way to determine if you are going down far enough is to have someone put their closed fist on the ground (bottom fist to the ground, like you are holding a mug) then lower yourself until you touch there fist. The position of your arms in this picture are classic however changing the arm position can work different muscle groups. That being said, if you can’t do a standard pushup you will probably have a hard time with modified pushups.

Proper pushup

If you are having a hard time with the perfect pushup work up to it in stages. Start by doing the pushup against a wall, couch back, or counter. This lessens the amount of weight you are “pushing” up so you can focus on your form. Like every move in the Martial Arts learning the proper form and using it insure the maximum benefit! Until next time… Train hard, train often.

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