Basic Fighter Principles – Position

Sensei Post in Training notes

The following is the second in a series of training notes and methods. Please bare in mind these are only notes and should be used as guidelines to increase your understanding of hand-to-hand combat techniques and issues. As we progress from unskilled to seasoned fighter this information becomes intuitive and second nature. This series covers 6 basic principles.
Position. Position refers to the location of the fighter (defender) in relation to his opponent. We work from the perspective of the defender as Martial Arts are employed for defense. A vital principle when being attacked is for the defender to move his body to a safe position—that is, where the attack cannot continue unless the enemy moves his whole body. Ideally you want to assume a defensive position before an attack begins giving you ample time to react. To position for a counterattack, a fighter should move his whole body off the opponent’s line of attack. Then, the opponent has to change his position to continue the attack. It is usually safe to move off the line of attack at a 45-degree angle, either toward the opponent or away from him, whichever is appropriate. This position affords the fighter safety and allows him to exploit weaknesses in the enemy’s counterattack position. Movement to an advantageous position requires accurate timing and distance perception. The two most important training points here are leg strength/endurance and speed or agility.

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