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…but it shouldn’t be.  I am increasingly annoyed by people “with” picking on and judging people “with less” or “without”.   The most amusing or perhaps sad was how Chuck Norris threatened a small business for trying to sell T-Shirts with his likeness on them.  Chuck actually paid an attorney to send them a letter. (If I find the link I’ll post it.)  The funny part was their response.  They were more then happy to comply since they had not sold even one of the T-Shirts!  So concerned about someone else making money off of him he begins to act silly.  Silly Chuck!  Please don’t respond with some lame corporation jargon either.  Chuck is not the only one who is guilty of this type of behavior.  But what I find more disturbing is not business “fights” like these.  What really gets me is when people lose perspective.

I’m a pretty positive and upbeat person  but I am also realistic.  Money matter.  The difference is I am not looking to cut anyones throat or climb on anyones back to get it.  There are a lot of people like me too, I hope.  I have a few very successful friends and what I like about them is their compassion for their fellow man.  They put people and passion before business and you know what I have observed?  It pays off in the long run.  Notice that last phrase, long run.

I recently read the following quote “Happiness is not dependent upon money in the bank. Life is measured in hours and days, not dollars and cents.”  The Zen perspective would agree with this.  In the real world you have to have enough money for the necessities for this to apply.  If I am hungry, lack shelter, or are sick, then this is a hard point to prove.  That isn’t to say that the homeless, the destitute or sick can’t find happiness, they can in a way.  But isn’t it presumptuous of us to make such statements without giving note to those without?  Especially when we are selling something??

You will hear these same people, the ones selling stuff, like Chuck Norris and others telling you that if you aren’t happy you just need to change.  Change your job, your life, take control!  Easy to say when you have the means to change things.  I doubt that single mother who just worked a double shift as a waitress to feed her kids has the energy to change anything.  So while I agree with the positive messages of so many of the people I am criticizing we need to reminded every so often to keep it Real.   Life comes at you fast and if you don’t have the money or resources (support, etc) to deal with it, it will mow you down!  It’s hard to find happiness after you’ve been run over!

I guess the point I am driving at is that none of us are perfect, regardless of how successful you are or how great of shape you are in.  Happiness can be a state of mind, but then again so can Greatness!  Perhaps the saying should be said this way… “Happiness is not dependent upon money in the bank, but it helps.  A Life is measured not by time or money but by humility and acts of  kindness toward our fellow man.”  But that’s just me, you have to choose for yourself.

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