Meditation Point #101

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At the instant a warrior confronts a foe,

All things come into focus.

Life doesn’t give us many moments of clarity but moments of high stress seem to be filled with them. It is funny how most people who experiences a sudden accident or event like an accident or a fall recall how everything seemed to move in slow motion. Falling you understand what is happening, realize how much it is going to hurt, even analyze options all in the split seconds it takes before impact. Focus and clarity are yours, though they are useless in these situations except for illustrating this point. That focus and clarity should be ours always, how wonderful and bizzare that would be?!?finding clarity

My favorite form of meditation is not set in a prone postion or reciting a mantra, it is in the sparring ring. When we enter into a Martial conflict even a friendly one we find focus and clarity much easier to grasp. Perhaps it is simplicity of it all, hit and block! Except there is nothing simple about a martial conflict. So how is it that ‘all things come into focus‘? I personally think it is like loosing a sense. When our body looses a sense it strengthens another. Go blind get and increased sense of smell. When we enter a Martial conflict I think the thinking portion of our brain quiets and in that quiet our other senses can be heard more clearly. Perhaps this is a more animal state, survival and all. I don’t think so because there is a peace that is calming in those moments, nothing animal about that.

So sit in a prone position, chant a mantra, or enter the ring, regardless seek that clarity and focus of being that is so cleansing.

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