Teenage Karate Girl Saves Mother

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Thirteen year old Brown belt Rebecca Kelly saved her 53 year old mother, Diane two nights ago.  Diane was picking Rebecca up from her martial arts class when they were viciously armed attacked by 29 year old  James Cordingley.  Cordingley was high on heroin, crack cocaine and had drunk eight cans of strong lager at the time of the attack.  Obviously a man who was feeling NO pain.  The attack was motivated by threats from his drug dealer whom he owed over £60.

Cordingley grabbed Diane as she sat in her car and armed with a TASER attempted to stun her into submission.  Still fresh from her evening lesson, Rebecca jumped into action without hesitating.  She reported that she “just saw red“.  Rebecca went continued “Using the skills I’d learned through my karate lessons I ran and jumped on to the man’s back to pull him off my mum.”  She then ran back to her class in Horsforth, West Yorks, and got three black belts to help her restrain Cordingley until the authorities arrived.  Mom, Diane was fine and just a little bit proud!

Rebecca’s actions were commendable and she acted bravely in a moment of crisis.  Because of her a criminal is off the streets for at least a while and her and her mother are safe.  While the use of the unusual ‘run and jump on the man’s back’ technique is unorthodox it seems to have worked in this case.

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