Sanchin – Three Battles

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Sanchin (????) is a kata of Southern Chinese origin that is considered to be the core of several styles. Many styles claim it for their own with slight variations. The version of Sanchin used by most styles of Karate was developed by Goju Ryu founder Ch?jun Miyagi. The video depicts the Kyokushin version of Sanchin which is taken from Goju Ryu. The name Sanchin, meaning three battles, is sometimes interpreted as the battle to unify the mind, body, and spirit.

Sanchin is the central principle of form in the Martial Arts. Despite it’s almost amusing simplicity this is a beginner’s kata in movement only. Comprised of just three body movements one can derive extraordinary strength from Sanchin. But in a lifetime of study it can never be fully mastered. The true history and meaning of Sanchin is lost to a past of verbal history but be sure that no one has ever discovered all the mysteries in Sanchin.

Sanchin is more than a kata (form), it is an ideal, representing the unattainable perfection every artist seeks. Sanchin also serves as a reminder of the real strength comes from simplicity.

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