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I have a hard time deciphering the fine line between boredom and hunger.

I am a pretty fit guy but I love to eat, don’t we all?  Like most people I have a couple pounds I could stand to loose, five to be exact.  As a guy who loves to eat I can eat large portions with the best of them!  Lately I have been realizing that I don’t just eat when I am hungry, something else makes me want to fill my face, boredom.  We all know stress can lead to overeating but boredom?  It is true.  When I am home I rarely snack or overeat, but when I’m in the office most days I feel incredibly hungry!  Since I am doing less physical activity there are only two explanations, stress or boredom.  Most days it is not stress since I deal with that pretty well.

The next time you go to put something in your mouth just ask yourself, and I hungry or just bored?  If you’re bored put down the food and excite your mind with a new activity.  Yes you will still feel hungry but you have a strong warrior spirit, focus your mind on your new activity and wait until meal time.  Discipline is the key.

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