Loves Bonds Broken

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Love such a despised word
Shush before you are heard.
Its a great verb!
much better than any herb
So why the apprehension;
to relieve your emotional tension?
Don’t say admire or like you much,
for stifling to the soul are such.
For the sun never shined so bright,
As when relieved of this plight.
To speak as you feel,
is such a great deal,
Why do you say no?
Can’t you see I love you so?
But I do!
And I must let it show!
For to hide it,
not confide it,
would be to my soul, bait
and turn is slowly to hate.
So speak and feel great,
Don’t let it stagnate.
I love you so,
And I had to let you know.
Accept it or deny
My heart is now free to fly!

— Mitchell Saba

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