The Three Section Staff (San-Jie-Gun)

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The 3 Section Staff is a formidable weapon that can be swung around similar to a nunchaku or a bo staff. Its use can allow you to clear your whole body space to fend off an attacker. Because of its configuration the 3 section staff is useful as both a long and short range weapon. Held at one end and swung freely the staff extends the users reach almost 3 times their arms length. In close range combat the 3 section staff is held with a section in each hand allowing the user to block and strike in tight quarters. This configuration makes it a slightly more manageable weapon then the nunchaku.

This weapon has fallen out of popular culture and is becoming a more historical weapon as it can be impractical for real use unlike the bo staff (think broom handle!). This ancient Chinese weapon is still an amazing weapon. To get a better understanding of the potential uses of the 3 section staff this demonstration is well worth the watch.

If you really want to appreciate the 3 section staff and its origin you must see the movie Shaolin Master Killer (Widescreen Edition)!

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