An Exercise Collection – Work Your Core

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So we all know it. Your core is crucial in training to reach that extra mile. Here is a collection of Core exercises that will take you to the limit!

Flat on back, knees up 90 degrees, feet crossed, hands across chest, suck abs in tight, pick shoulder blades off the ground (toward the ceiling), point elbows toward the thighs.
Weighted Crunch
Flat on the back, knees bent, feet flat on the floor, hold weight (start small) straight over face with elbows extended, suck abs in tight, pick shoulder blades off the ground, push weight straight toward the ceiling.
Weighted Twist
Seated, feet up off the ground and crossed, hold weight at chest level 8 inches away from chest, rotate torso so that weight hits each hip.
Russian Twist
Same starting position, start at the hip, rotate up and across the torso, extending elbows.
Flat on the back, right knee bent 90 degrees, left leg out straight 6 inches off floor, suck abs in tight, pick shoulder blades off the ground, touch hands under the bent knee
Flat on the back, hands behind head, bring opposite elbow toward knee, pausing every 5 repetitions
2 Foot Blasters
Flat on the back, hands over head with elbows extended, legs out straight, bend knees up toward waist, pick shoulder blades off ground, extend arms and legs back out straight. Don’t let feet
touch ground when extending.
Flat on the back, hands out like a cross with palms down, bend knee up toward waist, rotate to right, rotate back to left, than extend straight down.
Leg Raise
Flat on back, hands under glute, knees extended, flex hips up so that legs are straight up from floor.  Raise and lower legs in 1/3 stages (10%, 45% and 90%) holding for a minimum of 10 seconds at each stage.
Front Bridge
Position yourself face down with hands together propped up on elbows and toes, keep abs tight, keep back flat and hold for time.
Side Bridge
On your side with feet on top of each other, prop yourself up on elbow which will be at 90 degrees, keep body completely straight and hold for time.  (put a cushion under your elbow!)
Back Bridge
On back, knees bent, feet flat on the floor, cross arms on chest, pick hips up as high as possible so that body is completely straight. Extend one knee out and hold for time.
On hands and knees, extend opposite arm and leg out completely straight, hold for time.
Flat on stomach, arms and legs extended out, raise arms and legs off the ground, pausing for a second…or two.
Flat on stomach, hands behind the head, feet stay down, raise torso up few inches and pause. (reverse sit-up)
Flat on stomach with hands out like a cross palms down, bring left leg across body and try to touch it to your right hand.
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