Visualize Success

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Meditation Point #114 
Visualize Success

This is a great picture that I came across which nicely demonstrates what I was telling my students last week. In order to achieve true success you MUST visualize not only success but your opponents. Whether we practice Kata, forms or even bag work it is important to visualize your opponents. Here we see the swimmer preparing to practice for a race and along with her in her mind are her opponents. This practice will elevate your adrenaline and the ability to push yourself even when practicing. We can only improve when we push ourselves and the time to do that is when we practice. This means you need to take very seriously the art that your practice.

Visualizing is a unique way of preparing for advancement or competition. Visualizing is actually competing against yourself and we tend to be harder on ourselves then others are. Repeatedly visualizing keeps our minds and bodies sharp. The only thing to beware of when visualizing is not to plan for a specific opponent for the danger in that is you will not expect the opponent to do anything other then what you visualized. Aside from that visualization is the tool of every great athlete.

Train Hard, Train Often

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