An Exercise Collection – Work Your Lower Body – Part 2

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Here is the follow up to the previous collection. Lunges are a great way to strengthen your legs for the Martial Arts!

Step Up

Place right foot on top of box holding dumbbells or bar behind head in squat position. Extend right knee and hip driving through the heel until completely upright, left leg should not touch the box, it should go directly back to the floor. No bending at the waist, keep head and chest up.

Walking lunge

My students are familiar with this exercise! Take hip width stance holding dumbbells keeping head and chest up, take big step out with right foot, place right heel down, bend right knee to 90 degrees. Left leg should bend and follow and come 2 inches from the floor, extend right knee and hip, bring left leg forward. Switch legs every rep.

Clock Lunge

The clock lunge is great if you don’t have a lot of space. This is a standard lunge but you lunge to each position of the clock beginning with 12 o’clock. The 3 and 9 o’clock positions are a squat style lunge. This video provides a better visual description.

Lateral LungesLateral lunge (Leg stretch side-push knee)

Place feet uncomfortably wide with toes pointed out. Keep head and chest up, inhale push hips back and to the right, keeping right heel down so that right glute finishes behind right heel, right knee should be little greater than 90 degrees. For an increased stretch right glute is just above the right heel, placing your right arm on the inside of your right leg. Left leg should stay straight, left toe should come up, exhale push back to middle. Both heels should stay on the ground at all times. Alternate sides.

Sumo Dead-LiftSumo Dead-lift

No this dead-lift won’t make you look like a sumo wrestler! It will give you strong legs and a strong low back like a sumo wrestler’s. A wide stance with your arms between your legs differentiates this dead-lift from the rest. Place feet uncomfortably wide, toes pointed out, bend knees and hips, position bar up against shins, take closed overhand grip on bar, keep back flat and head up, extend knees and hips simultaneously pulling bar up shins, as bar passes knees push hips forward. Slowly lower bar by flexing hips and knees together until weight touches ground.


Holding either dumbbells or a barbell, position feet hip width with toes pointed straight ahead, grip should be closed overhand at shoulder width, unlock knees putting weight on heels, pull shoulder blades back tight, inhale, push glute back letting the bar slide down the thighs. When you feel a stretch extend the hips and come up straight.

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