Karate Spirit, Giving Spirit

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As reported about in this story a group of Martial Arts students from Huard’s Ju-Jitsu & Karate dropped by the Bangor Mall (Maine, USA) armed with more than $10,000. They donated the funds to the Children’s Miricle Network. I stand with honor next to these future Martial Arts leaders.

Martial Arts Museum Press Release

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The Martial Arts Museum has this Press Release expressing thanks for the unmentioned contribution made by Alan Horn of Warner Bros. Entertainment.

Coming to Europe Soon

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Matt Fiddes signed a £2.5 million deal that will establish franchised martial arts clubs across Europe. The deal will put martial arts training in 450 fitness clubs in countries including Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Finland, Sweden and Holland. Way to go Matt!

The Adventures of Johnny Tao: Rock Around The Dragon

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Johnny Tao is a screenplay written by an original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle stunt double, Kenn Scott. Not only did Kenn Scott write the scrrenplay he is directing it. The film The Adventures of Johnny Tao: Rock Around The Dragon is in post production so look for it in theaters early next year (2006).

The 28th Battle of Florida

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This Saturday (6/11/05) martial artists from Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, karate, kick boxing and Aikido will compete at the 28th Battle of Florida held in the Jupiter High School Gymnasium. There will be over 200 divisions with competitors from across Flordia and the Unites States. The event will also be the site of ‘The Night of Campions Show’. Sponsored by Zaino’s Martial Arts Academy general admission on Friday, Saturday morning and Saturday evening is $10.00, two-day passes are available for $15.00. For more information call (561) 575-5425. Reported in the TCPalm – Registration Required

In Geelong Kyokushin Rules!

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This article is part news part interview with Gary Viccars chief of the Victorian Kyokushin Branch. The article focuses on the number of medals the local Kyokushin students brought home to Geelong, AU. An interesting, brief read.

Martial Arts Skater!

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Dylan Moscovitch loves sports! Currently he practices kung-fu daily in addition to being a competitive skater who has won numerous medals in Canada and International Men’s and Pairs Skating competitions. It would be interesting to hear from Dylan if skating helps his martial arts training or if his martial arts training helps his skating! Just another example of a successful martial artist.

A Stupid Self-Defense Tool

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There is a joke that implies life would be a lot easier if stupid people had to wear signs to identify them. While some may take offense to this type of thing the following story reported here and here reminded me of the logic behind such an idea! (this is meant in jest). However the story is true, a Phoenix man was arrested for carrying Resin in case he was attacked. While the effects of being exposed to Resin it is hard to see how it could be used as a self-defense weapon safely. Again this is an observation not an endorsement, quiet to the contrary. Perhaps this man could have enrolled in a local self-defense or martial arts class, at least then he would know how to defend himself in jail (as I doubt they will let him keep the Resin!).

Sword Play for Self-Cultivation

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Weapons training is a personal preference but a natural extension of martial arts training. Now Martial Artists in the Shelby area of the UK will have the opportunity to learn this ancient art thanks to the folks at Mura Karate

Trading up to Buddha?!

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Jennifer Aniston has begun studying the teachings of Buddha to help her deal with the recent events in her life. Hopefully she will begin practicing the Martial Arts to bring more attention to the need for women to practice for inner peace and outer confidence.