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Respect Your Gi

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Class is done and you are heading home. Perhaps you went straight to class from school or work or perhaps you are heading out on the town with family or friends. Regardless you want to get showered and get out of there. You are dedicated but you put your time in, worked hard and now it’s on to better things! You’re cleaned up, you grab your Gi, throw it in your bag and head for the parking lot… Let’s face it we are all guilty of doing this a some point in our training, but is it a proper thing to do? No, it is not.  Your Gi is a Uniform no different than a Military Uniform it should be treated with the respect it deserves.  Your Gi represents you and your commitment to the Martial Arts so show some self-respect and start respecting your Gi.  Storing your Gi properly is a great first step to handling your Gi with the respect and care it needs.  Here is how you properly fold your Gi:

Properly Folding a Gi

Oh, and don’t forget to wash your Gi after each class!  No one likes the smelly guy!