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You probably just finished watching it!
The long and short as outlined in this 4 page write-up is that the martial art with the strongest punch is…Boxing! Now anyone who has sparred with a real Boxer should not be truely surprised by this fact. Remember that Boxing focuses almost all of it’s training on hitting the head for a knockout πŸ™‚ As I always tell my students, “if you face a Boxer you have the advantage…but don’t let them hit you!” This show backed that sentiment up. So why do we have the advantage? We view the entire body as a weapon and a target…or we should. I look forward to more research along these lines…very interesting stuff.

Big Developments!

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Well it won’t be long now. There has been a flurry of development going on here at and we are about ready to publish it all! The site will look very similar however we are changing the site menu to make it more useable AND cross browser compatible πŸ™‚ We have our first Interview back and will be publishing that this week. Our New World-Wide Dojo Directory and Hosting Service will be hitting the ground running too. There is much more but those are the front runners for early release…
Stay tuned and as always thank you for your support, encouragement and of course visiting the site! Please tell your friends, link to our site and we’ll continue to grow what we hope will be *THEE* premier martial arts web site!

Meditation Point #45

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You see the ball, you hit the ball. They hit the ball, you catch the ball. You catch the ball, you throw the ball. That’s it.
— Kirby Puckett’s Zen of Baseball

Why is it we always make things more difficult then they have to be? Simplicity is best.

5 Training Do’s and Don’ts

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1. Don’t ignore pain!
You can’t wish pain away! Ignoring an injury only leads to a worse injury or more injuries. Pay attention to the signals your body sends. Ice and Ibuprofen after training are essential, if that doesn’t help stop training for a few days and see if it improves. If it doesn’t seek medical attention. Usually it is simply a pulled muscle which will improve with rest and care. Remember “Ice is Nice so when in doubt apply some.
2. Do stretch before and after you train!
Stretch before and after you train. Dynamic stretches are best before you train with static stretches after training. Dynamic stretches increase the blood flow to the muscles.
3. Don’t warm up to much!
Just break a sweat anything more is a waste of energy you need for competition or serous training. A good warm up consists of 5-10 minutes of stretching, exercises and technique drills.
4. Do leave the Dojo behind!
What happens in the dojo, stays in the dojo πŸ™‚ During heavy training periods you will live, eat and breath the martial arts but this can’t last forever, it wouldn’t be healthy. Like anything you need to take a break which at the minimum should include a consecutive two week period where you do NO training and don’t think about training either…in other words, relax.
5. Do reduce joint impact.
Many moves we practice are high impact, these wear on the joints and cause long term damage. Reduce the amount of high impact training you do to avoid future problems.

People still being caught in Phisher’s nets

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The Fifth Third Bank, Toledo Blade, Ohio is warning its customers of an e-mail con. The online customers of Fifth Third Bank are the
latest victims of increasingly sophisticated “phishing” schemes that attempt to extract personal information from people who are unaware banks don’t ask for it through e-mails. Since early July, would-be thieves have sent fraudulent e-mails claiming Fifth Third’s technical department is doing a scheduled software upgrade and asking recipients to click onto a link, where they then are asked to provide personal information. “We have been immune to this for a long time, but now we’re a target,” said Karen Fraker, senior vice president at the bank. Customers should not reply to the bogus e-mails but contact the bank so they can be tracked, she said.
Having worked with the FBI on similar cases I can’t emphasize enough the importance of forwarding these emails to the appropriate people. The bank is usually the appropriate person as they will then work in conjunction with the FBI. If you aren’t sure who to contact feel free to send me a note and I can check with my FBI contact if necessary. However, the best way to combat this type of crime, like most, is through awareness. So please think before you click!

Meditation Point #44

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It is our mind, and that alone, that chains us or sets us free.
— Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

At the end of the day we don’t have much, save ourselves. Lying in the dark we are alone with our minds ourselves, it is then that we can sour in ecstasy or drown in self doubt and loathing. So live wisely and seek truth, it is a hard path fraught with pitfalls and false paths. The test is pulling yourself out when you fall and admit when you have taken a wrong turn.

Yoda is Cool!

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Yoda is wise!
And Wise Too…

Up & Coming Martial Artists

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The Interviews have begun! Yes we have started Interviewing some of Martial Artists that could be tomorrow’s Stars. As we previously announced we are making Gallery space available to each rising star so you can see them too! Well Judo Girl has uploaded several pictures to her gallery space in anticipation of our Interview. Before we start her Interview we wanted to open the floor to you our readers to see what questions you would like us to ask. So post a comment or email us your questions and we’ll make sure they get asked now or as a follow up.
If you know or think you are an Up & Coming Martial Artists drop us a comment or note and tell us, we’ll be more then happy to take it from there. If you want to perform an Interview we will be happy to post it as well and give you full credit. Coming Soon! – “Personal Profiles”…read more about them soon.

Top of Champion’s 2006

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Davide Benetello Stage in Peru

Also sponsored by
Both sites are in Spanish or Peruvian so sorry we can’t provide more information.

Black Belts, get your Black Belts!

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Is a Black Belt worth much?

Enjoy…I did.