Frozen People Skills

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This is an interesting experiment/prank that was carried out in Grand Central Station in New York City. 207 people froze for 5 minutes and held their position without moving or outward reaction to their surroundings. At least one of the frozen people was poked by someone trying to figure this out. So why is this of interest to a Martial Artist? For one it is a great display of self-control! Self-control is one of the cornerstones of Martial Arts training, without it we stand little chance of success. Yet many practitioners give it little attention. One drill I have done with my students is to have them freeze on command when practising. This can be done with almost any form including sparring and can be a great instructional tool. This helps the student learn to control their motor functions for instant response. Once frozen it is trivial for you to point out any mistakes in form but more importantly it is easy for the student to “see” their own mistakes. To often their is a mental gap between what we are told and what we preceive to be the truth, freeze training can help bridge that gap. Combine with the lesson of fine motor skill control and perfection of form, freeze training is a win-win combination! For fun though watch the video, perhaps you will think of some other uses for freeze training, regardless it is amusing!

There is another lesson here that deals with how people react to behavior they do not expect. In the video I don’t see anyone calling the police or actively attempting to figure out why the people aren’t moving. Personally I can think of a few things I would have tried, like going through one of their purses or pulling out someone’s wallet!! If they didn’t move then I’d have to seriously consider calling the authorities as then I’d have something concrete to give them! It would have been interesting to see the reaction of one of the frozen people to this type of reaction, since that is something they wouldn’t expect! In any situation doing what isn’t expected is usually a good thing because it can often give you enough of an advantage to either win or escape. Just a thought…

Sweep the Leg – No More Kings

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Being a huge fan of the Karate Kid Movie this caught my eye. The Music group No More Kings has a song out called Sweep the Leg which focuses entirely on the order from Johnnie’s Sensei to do just that. The song is great on its own merit, catchy tune and lyrics, but the music video is a masterpiece! See for yourself and post a comment with your reactions…
[zdvideo width=”400″ height=”350″][/zdvideo]

Did you watch closely? Yes those were ALL the original actors for The Karate Kid!!

This is not their only good song, actually most of their work is top notch, so, if you enjoy it as much as I did you can purchase their whole album here:
No More Kings

I did!

Village Idiots

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Give Mercedes a Chance!The other day I went to the local video store and rented Pride. I will write another post about that because it is an awesome movie. But as I checked out the clerk began to engage me in a conversation about the economy, the bad times ahead and the evils of the American empire and the current President. He began this conversation like so many people never considering that I may not share his world view, that in itself always amuses me. Not considering someone may have a counterpoint means your intellect can’t comprehend someone not agreeing with you. If you follow that thinking this leads to one of two conclusions. One the person feels they have the inside scoop on all legitimate knowledge and therefore are smarter then you, ego. Or, they their view of the world is so narrow they cannot comprehend that any perspective other then their own can exist, ignorance and ego. In either case pretty much they are the Village Idiot. I do not say that because I disagree with them, I label a lot of people who agree with me as Village Idiots too. These are people who grab a hold of the first point of view they hear and cling to it like the Gospel without question or rational thought. What I love about the Village Idiot is that they fall prey to the very thing they profess you have fallen prey to. Case and point he began explaining that America was evil and that the ONLY thing America was good at was convincing the rest of the world to do that which was bad. Then followed the classic explanation of the propaganda and misinformation the “right” put forth to keep us down. The conversation quickly degraded when I pointed out some historical facts that countered many of his beliefs. He changed course and endorsed Obama stating that there was still hope for all of us! I asked him why he felt Obama was worthy of his loyalty. He started talking about change without saying anything. I reminded him that Obama was as much a part of the establishment he loathes as the other candidates, being an multi-millionaire and current Senator with zero record of fighting the system. He immediately suggested I read a book written by someone he held in high regard feeling this would remove the blindfold from my eyes so that I could see the world as clearly as he. I didn’t have the heart or the time to tell him that I had already read the book he suggested! You see I like to understand my enemies better then my friends.

This conversation got me to thinking about the current plight of the world and my responsibility to it. Sadly I do feel responsible. I say sadly because I would like to be like so many other Americans and bury my head in the sand and focus on my family. But then I would be like so many Colonists who were willing to give England their due until their backs were against the wall. Unfortunately I am not nearly as wise or learned as our Founding Fathers. What I do do is attempt to get people to think, even the Village Idiots. Most people do not like to confront their beliefs or face confrontation. It is easier to just go along thinking that you can just get along. Unfortunately history teaches us that that just isn’t the case. The Martial Arts also teaches us that this is not the case. How many Instructors will counsel a student confronted with a Bully that they should just give them what they want and perhaps they’ll want to be their friend? If you answer yes to that then you need to either get a new instructor or send me a check for $1,000.00 a month…or else! Seriously you instruct the student to stand up for themselves. Depending on the situation that may include going to the authorities or punching them in the nose!

Why is it that the above example is so clear to almost everyone? Because it is almost common sense. For those that have never faced a conflict like that though the answer is not clear. Mostly people assume if they just give them what they want they will be left alone…wrong…they will want more. I need to say this though, many people will say fighting doesn’t solve anything. I agree but often you have no option to fight and if you wait to long you may not even have the option to fight having given so much ground that your opponent has complete power over you. Why should the bully be the only one with a voice? What does this have to do with the Village Idiot? Most of us just quietly give them voice. Perhaps I will use my voice by no longer patronizing that business, I’m not sure. But one thing that I do know and I told the Village Idiot this. Change doesn’t come from a movement for a movement is nothing more then a new establishment and you never know if an establishment will be good or bad until it is in power. Change comes from the people, not as a mob but as thoughtful individuals. The only country where that type of power still exists is in America, socialism is quickly sweeping the world into a new era of modern communism and if we aren’t careful it could be hundreds or thousands of years before our children have a voice again.