UK Bank Alert

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UK banks rocked by millions in chip & PIN card cloning fraud. The UK banking industry’s massive investment in chip & PIN payment cards has been brought into question after scammers stole more than $1 million from customers by implanting skimming devices in retailer PIN pads. UK police have arrested eight people connected with the fraud which affected hundreds of customers paying for goods at three Shell gas stations where tampered card readers were discovered. Shell has temporarily suspended all chip & PIN payments at UK outlets. The scammers used old-school skimming devices to capture magnetic stripe details and PIN numbers. The cloned cards were then used to withdraw cash and pay for goods at locations overseas and at machines where the chip is not scanned. The banking industry had enforced a national migration to the new scheme on the assurance that it would prevent counterfeit card fraud by making it impossible for scammers to copy confidential card details stored on the microchip. The continued use of mag-stripe data for card withdrawals, both in the UK and at cash machines abroad, represents a loophole which can be exploited by criminals. Sandra Quinn of Apacs said, “This is a specific issue for Shell…We are confident that this is not a systemic issue.
If you live in the UK you might want to double check your bank statements and balances!

A Must for Every Parent!

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I stumbled across this great web site and had to share it with everyone! is a great web site designed with Parents in mind. This site provide crucial information about drug use and what to look for in determining if your child is at risk. I would urge all Sensei’s to also review this information because you may be in a position to help stop a problem before it begins! There is so much information available at this web site is is hard to single out any one part. However the guide to the Pressures on Today’s Teens for parents should be required reading. Bookmark this site and visit it often! Remember as parents and role models we have a responsibility to our youth, to keep them out of trouble and to help them make good decisions. Because the decisions our children make today will effect the choices they have available tomorrow!

Meditation Point #21

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It is like Archers. If they start out competing, they’ll never become marksmen. It is only long after practice, with no thought of winning or losing, that they can hit the target. Same with the study of the Way. If even a single thought of winning or losing appears, you will be chained by winning and losing.
— Ying-an

Take a minute and think about this one, there is an important lesson here. While on the surface it seems like we should have no goals that is not the case. The real message here is that we have to appreciate life. No one knows how long they will live or if they will even finish their current project so the importance should not be put on the end goal but the process, the task. If we attain the goal that is great, if we fail, great because even in our failures we suceed. It sounds corny, hell it sounds like the type of philosophy that a loser would adopt to explain away their failures!! While there are some people who use this thinking to explain away their failures they are easy to spot, they are the ones who have never suceeded at anything. This is sound advice. As you approach your next task or goal, seek not the ends but the means, it is here in the process from nothingness to perfection that we find joy in what we do.

African karate champs – Gambia returns victorious

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The Gambia returned victorious from the African Karate Championship which was held in Dakar, Senegal, from April 26 to May 1.
The Gambian delegation comprised eight competitors, two officials and a photo-journalist. The team, which was led by the secretary-general of the Sotokan Karate International, Mr Amadou Pa Taal who also doubles as the first black belt holder, returned home with a total of 12 medals, which ranged from silver, bronze to gold.
Sanna Jawara, a member of the team, described the event as a success where Gambia participated successfully. The Gambian team participated in last African karate championship which was also held in Dakar in 1997, and returned home with the special prize for Good Conduct Award.

Meditation Point #20

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Life shrinks or expands according to one’s courage.
— Anais Nin

I have posted this for a friend of mine who is fighting terminal cancer. He doesn’t capitlize cancer because he doesn’t want to show it that kind of respect! In all he is a courageous man, fighting a battle we all shudder to think of. When I read this I thought of him, his daily struggle and how our time and space in this life can be so effected by our actions and emotions. Courage is up there with Love, it is both an action and an emotion. So take a moment and think of those who are truely courageous, those who shoulder the burdens life presents them with and who keep on living!

Chase Bank Phishing Emails…

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If you’ve received an email recently that appears to be from Chase Bank and asks for personal information, then you’re a target of internet scam artists. Thousands of Chase bank customers have gotten the fake alert.
The email looks authentic and even uses the bank’s logo, but be forewarned. From emails to a police impersonator, giving over your info could give thieves a high-speed connection to your bank account.
The emails promise protection: “The security of your account is our primary concern,” they read. But a closer read between the logo and the lines shows that thieves are ready to take your personal information to the bank.
“Your bank is not going to send you email asking you for your personal information, ever,” said Nancy Norris, Chase spokesperson.
This is an increasingly big problem for all banks not just Chase. If you get an email form anyone asking you or directing you to update your information, PLEASE call the company you do business with don’t trust the email. If it that important they would have sent you something via snail mail or called you directly.

April Site News

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This has been an interesting month! The blog is approaching 3000 unique visitiors for the year with the daily average increasing rapidly. Thanks for the interest and encouragement. May should be a very active month with a lot of changes and improvements going live here at Again thank’s for your support and please keep sending your suggestions.