An Exercise Collection – Warm Ups

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Here are some conditioning warm-up exercises I have collected over the years…start slow…you’ve been warned!

All drills are done for roughly 30-40 feet.

Heel toe walk
Place heel down on ground roll up on toe, switch feet walking forward.
High knee grab
Flex right knee and hip up toward waist, grab outside of knee pull up as high as possible, left leg stays straight, up on toe. Step forward and repeat with opposite leg.
Knee flex grab
Balance on left leg. Flex right knee, shift right hip slightly, grab right ankle with right hand and pull toward glute (butt). Repeat with left leg.
Figure four grab
Rotate right hip out, grab right ankle with both hands and pull up toward belly button. Repeat with left leg.
Hamstring walk
Place right foot out in front six inches, keep leg completely straight with toe pointed up, bring left hand down to toe of right foot. If you can’t reach your toes place your hand on the front of your leg and stretch downward as far as you can go.
Straight leg toe touch
Hold left hand out at shoulder level, keep right leg straight and kick up toward left hand. (Bring your right leg up in an arc from floor to extended hand.)
High knee single leg toe touch
Flex right knee and hip up toward waist, keeping left leg straight, extend right knee and hip back through, while bringing both hands down toward left toe.
Squat walk
Step out, place feet slightly wider than shoulder width toes out, place the weight on the heels, inhale unlock hips and sit back maintaining upright torso until thighs are parallel to ground,
exhale on the way up keeping weight on the heels. Bring feet together and repeat.
Lunge walk lean back
Step out place front heel down, front knee bends to 90 degrees but does not pass over toe, trail leg bends and follows, comes 2 inches from the floor. Push hips forward and bring shoulders back.
Lunge walk twist to knee
Same as above, bottom of lunge bring opposite elbow towards front knee.
Knee Tuck Lunge
Same as above, bottom of lunge bring trail leg up to a high knee grab place forward.
Hurdle Trail Leg
Take step out with left foot, bring right knee and hip up, snap up and over.
Inch Worm
Push up position, push yourself up keeping arms straight, push glute up keep legs straight, walk feet up towards hands. When feet are as close to hands as possible walk hands forward to original position. (this is a fun one!)
High Knee Run
Lean forward, keep elbows in tight, eyes up, bring knees as high as possible.
Heel To Glute Run
Same as above, only bring to heels as close to glute as possible. (Butt Kicks in motion)
Moving laterally, toes straight ahead, hips down, head up, don’t click heels.
Moving laterally hips down head up, cross right leg in front, than cross left leg in front. (Great for hip flexors)
Backward Open Skip
Flex right knee and hip up, rotate hip up and out, tap on the floor, alternate legs.
Hips down, reach back, keep chest over toes, let arms swing. (great balance workout)

How to Fold an Origami Star (Shuriken)

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This is a great activity one for the kids over the holiday break. It’s the kind of thing that can keep them busy for hours as they make and attack the invisible Ninja army with them!

You don’t have to go to a weapons store to have your very own “ninja star” (also called a shuken or shuriken). You can make one or several out of paper as a cheaper and safer alternative. The detailed instructions are brought to you by the how-to wiki this promises to be fun for every one.

If you pick up some colorful Origami Paper you can also make these as novelty Christmas presents! Or you can purchase a foam rubber star and save on paper cuts!

(Don’t forget to wear safety goggles to avoid eye injury…)

New Shopping Options

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Today we added two new ways for you to support the Pride Lasts Foundation!

Now in addition to shopping directly from us we are offering you an expanded collection of merchandise!  You can now shop for all of your Martial Arts Books in our new Book Store.  The available books are sorted into easy to locate categories depending on your interest in the Martial Arts.  You can also shop for all of your Movie and Music selections using our new Multimedia Store, choose from DVD, VHS, CDs and MP3 Downloads!  No matter your taste there is something here for everyone.

The best part about all of these options is that for every purchase you make the proceeds go directly to the Pride Lasts Foundation scholarship fund!  It is that easy and it doesn’t cost you a dime!!

Don’t forget that 10% of the profits from all direct sales in our store go to support the Pride Lasts Foundation scholarship fund.  So what are you waiting for?  Get the martial arts supplies you need and want while helping out a student in need!

The links to these newshopping choices have been added to our main menu to make it easy for you to locate.

Shut Up and Stand Up!

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A few weeks ago I commented on a blog of someone who is fighting against some government injustice.  As is typical in these things the person and their supporters seem more interested in gaining the support of others then actually succeeding in their plight.  Some how in this age of the Internet the mob has evolved to a new shallow dimension.  More then ever we live by proxy and more to the point by Poll.  We use the Internet to vent our frustrations which for most, the writing and even the reading gives some sense of accomplishment.  This of course is folly.  Venting and “raising awareness” does little to change anything yet we are drawn to it like moths to the flame.  We have been so fooled by this culture that people feel engaged in the political process when they call a talk radio show but they would never think of calling their Local, State or Federal government representative.  As I said I resently commented on this topic and so to illustrate my point further here are my thoughts on this topic…

I respect everyone here for standing up for what they believe in and trying to change the system.  I also respect that you understand that as tax payers these are your employees.  But that is where it ends.  As the employer you are inept.  I am not flaming you just pointing out an important fact.  Blogging and newspaper articles change nothing.  Government officials generally only care about these things just before an election.

What Government employees hate most is work, which as an employer you can easily give them.  One of you wrote that you requested documentation from one for the board member and they didn’t respond.  Shame on you.  See they are counting on you reacting the way you did, dismayed and publicly outraged but powerless.  You are powerless because you don’t know the rules and shame on you for that.  See Government employees have rules they must follow, you don’t.  They are accountable, you are not.  But they are only accountable and only have to follow the rules when someone makes them.  Remember these 3 letters FOI (Freedom of Information).  The rules vary slightly between states however the FOI can be used to bring government to its knees.  See there is typically a short window to respond to an FOI Request after which civil ($$) penalties can be assessed.  So hit them where it hurts.  And no you do not need to be an attorney to file an FOI request.  If you need help with the process call the Attorney Generals office and have them hold your hand, that is their JOB!

Hopefully someone listens to the above.  A good FOI Request would be all phone records including cell phones, detailed copies of all attorney billings, minutes from all meetings…basically anything you can think of and yes they have to provide it, excluding personal data (SSN,etc).  You can however get copies of certain personal records but they have to clean the data before giving it to you.  Here is the kicker, you may have to pay for copies so what you do is request all of the information then tell them you will come down and select what copies you want.  When you show up just take one copy, about $0.35 and next week repeat the request:-)  They will want to bend over backwards to make you happy.  The glory of it, it is completely legal and within the system.  Who know you might even find evidence of the misappropriations you were talking about!  Then they are looking at jail time!!

So do your homework and learn the system otherwise it will just ignore you until you wind yourself crying, like the helpless 3 year old you are.  Imagine their workload if even half of the concerned citizens out there filed an FOI request…or made an inquiry by phone.

Being involved doesn’t mean calling a radio talk show or posting to a blog, those things are honorable as they raise awareness but do nothing to change or improve the system.

Meditation Point #105

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Only one who makes no attempt to possess it cannot lose it.

– – Lao-Tsu

There is a double meaning in this saying whether Lao-Tsu intended it or not.  To understand this first we define Taoism.  Taoism advocates self-transcendence, integration with the Law of Nature, inaction and infinite frame of reference instead of social attainment, self-development, progressive endeavor and personal interpretation.  In that light the literal meaning is that only in possessing nothing can we begin to find the ultimate truth.

Nothing in life can be possessed, love, air, the sun, the flowers, life, death, nothing.  In realizing this the Taoist suggests a life devoid of possessions, even of thoughts for to hold onto your thoughts is to cloud your mind.  What is this interpretation is incorrect?  What if Lao-Tsu meant that we have to take chances?!

It is true that in making ‘no attempt’ then nothing will happen and in gaining nothing we have nothing to lose.  But if we do not possess things, if we make no attempt then we can never understand the nature of loss, of love, of life.

Perhaps we should read this quote as a warning?  If we live a life of inaction then we can never possess life.  This logic is a bit of a double-edged sword because if our entire focus is to possess life then we become selfish creatures.  Selfishness is the one thing that Lao-Tsu rightly warns against.  In selfishness we no longer possess life but are possessed by it.  There is the paradox.  Action without selfish intent, so we can possess the gifts of life without being possessed by them.

If we are not possessed by something then we can lose it with no (little) sense of loss.  When we see a beautiful sunset we do not feel a sense of loss at its passing, nor should we for other things in our life.  If we truly appreciate and savor our life this is possible.  This is the secret and difficulty of the Path.  The lesson here is personal and each person may find a slightly different meaning here.  From where I sit either Lao-Tsu was wrong or greatly misinterpreted in this quote.