Rush Hour 3

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It appears Rush Hour 3 is in the works. Way to go Jackie Chan! Always amusing, clean and full of action, I only wish they had a release date.

Self-Defense isn’t just physical

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Every so often we see a story like this guy meets woman; guy gets woman to give him money; guy get woman to give him more money…, and; woman finally gets smart (maybe). This case has an unusual twist with the woman begging for mercy on behalf of the guy!

This brings me to the point I want to make: Self-Defense goes well beyond physical proxcimity, it is a state of mind. If these two women were self-defense minded they could never have been exploited in this way. This guy launched an emotional and mental attack on these women and they never saw it coming. Be aware not only of your physical surrounding but of what trust relations you establish.

Always reassess your situation and your relationships. Put checks in place to protect yourself. If a guy or girl asks for money say NO and see how they react. If you feel so compeled, instead of giving them the money make the investiment/purchase/payment for them! Above all use your brain and trust your instincts, they are usually right but as this story demonstrates sometimes the one we need protection from is ourselves!

A Growing Trend

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After my last rant this seems an appropriate story! The Everett High School in Lansing,MI,USA added Martial Arts to their physical education curriculum. While the article doesn’t specify the program has been offered for at least four years. To date the program has awarded three black belts. The latest exam lasted 35 minutes, quote: “and intense 35 minute tae kwon do exhibition”. From my experiences this seems a rather short exam however it appears in needs to be completed within a normal High School class period. I wonder if the students involved in this program attend any of the area Dojos…? I wonder if this school allows area Dojos to come to the school to give Demonstrations or recruit?

Summer School Enrollment Doubles!

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I remember when going to summer school was a bad thing! If you HAD to go you were labeled one of the bad or stupid kids. My how times have changed… This year in Poplar Bluff,MO,USA they have 548 out of 999 students enrolled in their summer school program! That is up from 210 last summer. 55% of the students are going to school ALL YEAR LONG. Am I the only one that sees anything wrong with this?! Where are their parents? I know all you working parents now have your nose out of joint… While I understand the need to make a living we must keep our priorities straight. When you have a child you accepted a responsibility.

O.K. what does this have to do with Martial Arts/Karate training? Well one of the programs being offered is Tae kwon do. While I think it is great that the kids are getting exposed to the Martial Arts I fail to see the place of the school system in this equation. Many people will argue the school is providing a ‘valuable’ service. I would say that the government (via the school) is providing a service the private sector should provide. That means we are paying higher taxes (including the parents of the 45% who didn’t send their kids) to support this program. Meanwhile this program will surely reduce the profits and thereby the tax contribution of local summer camps, programs, etc. and again cause an increase in our taxes. Do you see the vicious cycle?

Now all is well and good, we should be happy that so many kids are learning the Martial Arts because after all many of them will decide to continue and join our classes and dojos! But how will you feel when the government (via the schools) decide to offer after school karate instruction as an alternative to going to your dojo? It will be great if you are running the program, otherwise you better start looking for new work.

Yet another sad event…

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Once again there is a report of abuse by a Martial Arts Instructor. Charges have been filed against 54 year old, Keith Ingraham, of Newmarket, NH (USA) for sexually assaulting one of his 15 year old female students. Let us hope the Judicial System will punish him to the full extent of the law. These cases disgust me but is important to mention them to insure awareness is kept high. Parents, watch your children. Kids, NO ONE has the right to touch you this should be one of your first lessons as a Martial Art student. If anything like this does happen seek help immediately.

East meets West

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This article gives a nice brief explanation of Tai Chi. While I do not practice Tai Chi I consider it to be the Ultimate Martial Art. Everything I have seen and read pertaining to Tai Chi has reinforced my belief this fact. It is my goal to finish my life as a Martial Artist practicing and mastering Tai Chi.

From Kung Fu Cinema

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‘Shaun of the Dead’ director set for kung fu comedy
More information can be found here on the official Scott Pilgrim site at
No real comments for this one, if you understand the headline then it may be important to you, if not perhaps you can learn something!

Jackie Chan Speaks Out

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Jackie Chan speaks out as part of an International campaign to raise awareness of the dangers and impact of fake products. Jackie Chan’s personal stake in this cause is the illegal reproduction and sale of his movies on DVD. That being said I doubt this is his primary motivation, Jackie Chan seems to truly be interested in stopping the title wave of this negative market force. Based around supporting criminal elements (organized crime, terrorists, petty thieves) the production of fake products creates active sources of exploitation for child labor and slavery. Unlike the typical business model that provides some economic gain (though minimal) in the production of real products within the bounds of the local labor laws (if present). Given the recognition of Jackie Chan globally adding his name to this fight could in time help raise awareness of the subsidiary problems of child labor exploitation and slavery rampant in the world today. But keeping thing light Jackie Chan “used a flurry of karate chops against four assailants wearing Jackie Chan masks. He also cut a tie in half with scissors and ripped apart a pair of counterfeit shoes with his bare hands.” I pity the counterfeiter that Jackie runs into!

More then Karate…

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Here’s a story of a Karate Student from Colorado doing more the using his hands and feet! 14 year old Benjamin Black attended the 2005 National Geographic Bee after winning at the State level. While Ben didn’t win he demonstrated the Martial Spirit (Budo). Congratulations Ben! It goes to show you that achievement is a big part of any martial artists life.

Officer accused of murder, molestation

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Once again the children suffer. It is unfortunate that parents are not more aware of the dangers to their children. My Father always use to say ‘you don’t know what goes on in other people’s homes after they close the doors’. He was right. Inline with his beliefs my Father never let us sleep over someone else’s house. Matter of fact it wasn’t until we were teenagers that we could go to someone else’s home without one of my parents present! Many of you reading this can close you gaping jaws now! My parents were not ogres, they were caring individuals who felt their job as parents was to protect us (not shelter us) from the world, they preserved our innocence.

So what does this have to do with anything. Well there is another story of a child, in this case an 11 year old girl, being molested by a ‘pillar of the community’. In this case the molester was a cop. The mother admits that she was suspicious of the mans interest in her daughter because he showed NO interest in her (the mother). The should of been a BIG ALERT but instead the mother ignored her maternal instincts and allowed the man access to her daughter. I know it sounds like I am vilifying the mother here, and to some extent I am. She is guilty of putting her daughter in harms way. I am sure there are a million excuses for her actions but that doesn’t change the fact that her daughter has at the young age of 11 lost her innocents and will probably have difficulty having a normal relationship with or at least trusting men.

Interestingly the girl only told her mother about the abuse after her school showed a video on inappropriate touching. The school had to educate this girl!! Again, what was the mother doing? I am not suggesting that parents should have graphic discussions with their children about appropriate or inappropriate behavior between a man and a woman. I am suggesting that parents should talk to the children in an appropriate manner given the age of the child. This discussion should grow as your child grows. In those rare occasions when you have no choice to surrender your children to others make sure they are people you know well. And even then once your children are home with you ask them (surreptitiously) about the details of their time away from you. Watch for behavioral changes. Take your blinders off and see what is really going on, not just what you want to see through your trusting rose-colored glasses.

How is this related to Karate?! Well this story began in a Karate Class where the girl was taking classes. But please don’t take my word for it, read the article yourself.

Please remember people often have ulterior motives for their actions. Any adult (especially a man) that wants to spend extensive ‘private’ time with young children should be severely examined. As an adult we need to be aware of the appearance of our behavior regardless of how honorable our intentions. Remember the cop in the story went on to kill his wife before fleeing. That could have just as easily been the 11 year old girl.