Martial Arts Save Kids

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We’ve heard it a million times, practicing the Martial Arts can turn around troubled kids and make them model citizens. The mantra goes on without end, but how many stories do you have first handle knowledge of? I’m sure all you instructors have your hands up! But what about everyone else? Well here is a story that documents such an relationship.

The MacArthur Fellows Program, now in its 25th year, awards $500,000 with no strings attached to encourage people who have shown great potential in a wide variety of fields, from the sciences to the arts. That’s a lot of money! Yes but it goes with a lot of hard work and accomplishment to attain! Our focus is Dr. Sue Goldie, an associate professor at the Harvard School of Public Health. One of two New England winners, she uses computers to devise more effective strategies for fighting diseases. SO what does this have to do with Martial Arts training and troubled kids?! Read on…

For Goldie, an early, life-shaping experience came with her discovery of tae kwon  do at age 11. Goldie said she had a lonely, difficult childhood and was moved from one foster home to another, and tae kwon do became a foundation for her life. She recalled often being kicked out of math class for being disruptive, but then using her time in the hallway to pore through the textbook so she could earn a 100 on the next test — her way of proving something to the world.

So with the proper foundation and of course selfless encouragement perhaps one of your students or a student you know will be the next recipient of the MacArthur Fellows Program!

Source: 25 geniuses get their day in the sun