The Meaning of the Green Belt (6th Kyu)

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Green BeltGreen is the color of life and growth. The green belt indicates the beginning of your life as a Martial Artist and growth as a person. We live in the present but for the future, and growth is necessary and essential to that journey. Growth stimulates change, which we must accept even though change often causes feelings of insecurity. Growth does not always come easily and is rarely without some discomfort or pain, but the achievements of our previous growth and the memory of those pains should motivate us to work harder. You begin with the Green belt so that you will always be reminded of the importance of this growth that will lead to the perfection of your Self.

The meaning of Belt Colors…

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My students asked me the other day the significance of the belt colors. I realized I had never written anything down on this and thought it a good time to do so. I will be sharing what I have written with you…slowly for each belt color. Please feel free to comment and offer your insight, agreement or disagreement with what I have written…as I post them…

What’s wrong with this picture?

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So what is wrong with the following picture?
I came across this picture when surfing the Internet. I do not recall the site it came from. Aside from that I was amazed at what this photograph shows at this belt advancement ceremony. Now there were many other pictures just like this one, one for each participant actually and every photo showed the same thing. So what is wrong, why am I so fired up? Post a comment with what you think is wrong…

Test Day!

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Test Day

Training Notes

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I’ve been putting off starting this section because the site has been keeping me very busy, but it is time. Training Notes posts will be dedicated to just that, training notes. Pretty Lame? I hope not. I want you to send in your training notes and stories, something unexpected and/or funny happen when training, send it in to ! Have some great training pictures? You guessed it, send it in to ! I also plan on using this section to post general information on my training not how many reps I’m up to or what my caloric intake for the day was! Hopefully you and I will find this to be a useful and fun addition to the Martial Talk Blog.

The Link to Success

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We are increasingly hearing motivational stories of those who succeed. What drives them? What separates them from the rest of us? Can anyone succeed? Are there things we can do that will increase our chances of success? Those are all good questions, important questions. Regardless of your age or social status we all grapple with self-doubt to some extent. Self-doubt can be a dominating force in people’s lives and in most it is. People who succeed are driven to ignore self-doubt or at the very least to be challenged by it. This is what drives successful people and it is what separates them from the ‘rest of us’. So if this is the case, the difference between success and mediocrity is whether we listen to that voice of self-doubt in our head, then anyone can truly succeed!

So this leaves one final question to answer, are there things we can do if we want to succeed? Obviously, the answer is YES! If you read this blog regularly you have read many articles about people in the Martial Arts demonstrating their ability to succeed. Of course practicing the Martial Arts is not the only path; however, it is the most effective course I know. To succeed we must possess characteristics of success, this requires discipline! Where better to learn discipline then in the Martial Arts where you learn to discipline yourself to do better. In the pursuit of the Martial Arts we also learn to compete against ourselves, we are our own adversary; all of our limitations come from within. So if we learn to master ourselves in the Martial Arts then we are in fact learning to succeed.

Here is another recent example of the Martial Arts leading to success. While this is an interesting and unusual example of success through the Martial Arts it is effective! People often tout sports in general as leading to success, this can be misleading. While participating in sports does much to improve our abilities in other areas like business the mere practicing of a sport does little. Every sport also teaches us different things however few meet the well rounded development found in the Martial Arts. So can you succeed Johnny? Yes, by many Paths but it will be much easier if you have followed the Budo Path and mastered yourself. Because once you have mastered yourself, all other opponents and obstacles seem trivial by comparison.

Mixed Martial Arts…Win

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At the recent Eagles combatant tournament three soldiers won big using the mixed martial arts techniques they learned in their training. The article goes on to discuss the benefits of mixed martial arts training. Is there really anything new here? Most of the ‘newer’ martial art styles are simpy new styles that chose alacarte from the best of other styles. This doesn’t necessarily make them better. I think there is a large question of training. Hmmm guys from the military won! Could it be they take their training a little more seriously? Another possible anwer is that when people compete they have certain expectations given the style of their opponent. In having preconcienved ideas of what their opponent might do they tend to prejudge and thereby underestimate their opponent. If I spar with someone who practices Tae Kwon Do then I expect more kicks, if they suddenly hit me with a flurry of hand moves I might be caught off gaurd. I’m not saying these guys aren’t good, just the emphasis on the mixed martial arts might be misplaced.

A Growing Trend

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After my last rant this seems an appropriate story! The Everett High School in Lansing,MI,USA added Martial Arts to their physical education curriculum. While the article doesn’t specify the program has been offered for at least four years. To date the program has awarded three black belts. The latest exam lasted 35 minutes, quote: “and intense 35 minute tae kwon do exhibition”. From my experiences this seems a rather short exam however it appears in needs to be completed within a normal High School class period. I wonder if the students involved in this program attend any of the area Dojos…? I wonder if this school allows area Dojos to come to the school to give Demonstrations or recruit?

East meets West

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This article gives a nice brief explanation of Tai Chi. While I do not practice Tai Chi I consider it to be the Ultimate Martial Art. Everything I have seen and read pertaining to Tai Chi has reinforced my belief this fact. It is my goal to finish my life as a Martial Artist practicing and mastering Tai Chi.