Arnold Schwarzenegger Endorses!!

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0 has received an endorsement from none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger!! See for yourself…

Arnold Said It!

Ninja Billy’s – Impromptu lesson

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Impromptu Lesson


Fat and Lazy

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This Amusing Editorial is short but funny. Sam Burson observes that there is no martial art for the fat and lazy, what were those Shaolin monks thinking?!

A Stupid Self-Defense Tool

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There is a joke that implies life would be a lot easier if stupid people had to wear signs to identify them. While some may take offense to this type of thing the following story reported here and here reminded me of the logic behind such an idea! (this is meant in jest). However the story is true, a Phoenix man was arrested for carrying Resin in case he was attacked. While the effects of being exposed to Resin it is hard to see how it could be used as a self-defense weapon safely. Again this is an observation not an endorsement, quiet to the contrary. Perhaps this man could have enrolled in a local self-defense or martial arts class, at least then he would know how to defend himself in jail (as I doubt they will let him keep the Resin!).

Jackie Chan Speaks Out

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Jackie Chan speaks out as part of an International campaign to raise awareness of the dangers and impact of fake products. Jackie Chan’s personal stake in this cause is the illegal reproduction and sale of his movies on DVD. That being said I doubt this is his primary motivation, Jackie Chan seems to truly be interested in stopping the title wave of this negative market force. Based around supporting criminal elements (organized crime, terrorists, petty thieves) the production of fake products creates active sources of exploitation for child labor and slavery. Unlike the typical business model that provides some economic gain (though minimal) in the production of real products within the bounds of the local labor laws (if present). Given the recognition of Jackie Chan globally adding his name to this fight could in time help raise awareness of the subsidiary problems of child labor exploitation and slavery rampant in the world today. But keeping thing light Jackie Chan “used a flurry of karate chops against four assailants wearing Jackie Chan masks. He also cut a tie in half with scissors and ripped apart a pair of counterfeit shoes with his bare hands.” I pity the counterfeiter that Jackie runs into!