Ninja Billy’s – Impromptu lesson

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Impromptu Lesson


Bullies Everywhere, beware…

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My son is five years old and despite his being larger then his classmates has already encountered the classic bully. Being an innocent five year old he is unsure how to handle the situation. I must admit that like most I had a few bully encounters in my younger years, but he can hardly picture me little much less being bullied. Today in my feeds for this blog, I found this article: Boosting self-confidence a good way to teach children to thwart bullies. The article is really a pitch for what appears to be a decent program (that isn’t a review…yet) and they outline the different steps they teach the children. From the article I agree with their four ‘steps’ suggestions except they make a classic mistake in their final thinking. Their four ‘step’ suggestions are not complete, they leave you hanging with a general statement of “If a child has tried all of these things and the bully still hasn’t stopped, then the child should ask for help“. This is the ideal solution in a perfect world, it is hardly realistic. This advice will work for most cases of bullying but then again that doesn’t help all of the children/adults, does it?

I would make the following addition to the four steps suggested, fight back. Yes, physically fight, I know this is not a politically correct thing to say but then again I’m far from politically correct. Fight, why do we enroll our children in the Martial Arts is not so they will be better equip to handle themselves, with confidence and justice. My son told me he was afraid to fight back because he didn’t want to get in trouble. This is a very understandable comment from a five year old. Then I reminded him that some times we have to do things that may get us in trouble to do the right thing. Standing up for yourself is never a bad thing, but it will sometimes get you in trouble. I asked if the Bully had gotten in trouble for his behavior, he had not. So much for that fourth step! My son isn’t ready to stand up for himself and I told him that was o.k., there is no shame in that. I explained that it can be frightening, especially when you are a good boy. Ultimately I’m not too worried about it; my son will eventually stand up for himself. He will face the same fear I faced as a boy and with my tutelage he will only stand up for justice and peace, never for personal satisfaction or power. After all that is why we dedicate ourselves to the Martial Arts, it is the ultimate pursuit of peace and justice; the art of not fighting unless there are no other available avenues. So please when helping your students with a Bully situation; don’t forget to mention the all important ‘fifth step’, fight back. Remember, No One has the right to touch your person and despite the claim, help is not always readily available.

Karate in Action – Saves 14 Year Old Girl!!

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In Milwaukee, OR (USA) – A 14-year-old girl used her karate training to fight off an attacker. This Milwaukee High School freshman was walking to school about 8:30 a.m. Tuesday on Lake Road near 33rd when a man jumped out from behind a bush and grabbed her arm. Instead of panicking and becoming another statistic the young girl says her years of karate helped her escape his grip. “If someone grabs you by the hand, we learned how to twist out of it. If someone grabs you by the arm, you learn how to get out of it,” the victim told local station KOIN News 6.

The girl twisted her ankle running away but made it to the school, where teachers called police. The suspect is described as a Caucasian man around 30 years old, 5’9″ with a medium build and a shaved head and clean-shaven face. He was wearing a black leather jacket, black pants with a tear in the left knee, a black glove on his left hand, a dark colored scarf or handkerchief on his right hand and a dark colored backpack. Anyone with information is asked to call the Milwaukee Police Department at (503) 786-7500.

This is a great example of why more kids should be enrolled in martial arts or self-defense training. The girl handled herself well by immediately reacting and breaking the grab. She was lucky since from the article she did experience some normal panic as she twisted her ankle. If the location had been more remote she may not have been as lucky. Everyone here at is very happy and proud of this young girl, and even happier that she is safe and sound.

Martial Arts Save Kids

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We’ve heard it a million times, practicing the Martial Arts can turn around troubled kids and make them model citizens. The mantra goes on without end, but how many stories do you have first handle knowledge of? I’m sure all you instructors have your hands up! But what about everyone else? Well here is a story that documents such an relationship.

The MacArthur Fellows Program, now in its 25th year, awards $500,000 with no strings attached to encourage people who have shown great potential in a wide variety of fields, from the sciences to the arts. That’s a lot of money! Yes but it goes with a lot of hard work and accomplishment to attain! Our focus is Dr. Sue Goldie, an associate professor at the Harvard School of Public Health. One of two New England winners, she uses computers to devise more effective strategies for fighting diseases. SO what does this have to do with Martial Arts training and troubled kids?! Read on…

For Goldie, an early, life-shaping experience came with her discovery of tae kwon  do at age 11. Goldie said she had a lonely, difficult childhood and was moved from one foster home to another, and tae kwon do became a foundation for her life. She recalled often being kicked out of math class for being disruptive, but then using her time in the hallway to pore through the textbook so she could earn a 100 on the next test — her way of proving something to the world.

So with the proper foundation and of course selfless encouragement perhaps one of your students or a student you know will be the next recipient of the MacArthur Fellows Program!

Source: 25 geniuses get their day in the sun

A Growing Trend

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After my last rant this seems an appropriate story! The Everett High School in Lansing,MI,USA added Martial Arts to their physical education curriculum. While the article doesn’t specify the program has been offered for at least four years. To date the program has awarded three black belts. The latest exam lasted 35 minutes, quote: “and intense 35 minute tae kwon do exhibition”. From my experiences this seems a rather short exam however it appears in needs to be completed within a normal High School class period. I wonder if the students involved in this program attend any of the area Dojos…? I wonder if this school allows area Dojos to come to the school to give Demonstrations or recruit?