Entering the Health Care Fray

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I’ll be frank, I am disgusted with the leadership of this country, on both sides of the isle however moreso with the controlling party.  Having extensive experience with the Health Care system over the past 20+ years I can say with much authority, we have some of the best health care available on the Planet!  It has degraded over the past 20 years however this is due in large part to the culture of greed and increasing government involvement.  Most people speaking out and complaining about the high costs of health care have absolutely NO idea what they are talking about.  They have listened to the trash promoted by poloticians and people like Micheal Moore*.

Twenty or so years ago the government put the insurance companies im charge of health care because the insurance companies complained and lobbied the Doctors were making to much money and ordering tests that were unnecessary.  Sound familiar?  Roll forward twenty years and we have people complaining that insurance companies make to much money and to many tests are being denied!  Sound familiar now?  So who is going to rush in and fix the problem?  The same people who created it!!  And ‘We the People’ are stupid enough and short sighted enough to think they have our interests in mind.

I have two questions for everyone.

First, why do/did people have a problem with Doctors making a lot of money?  I don’t hear anyone asking for sports reform because the athletes are making to much money and that is driving up ticket prices!  Maybe that is next, and then in twenty years we can go after the owners for making to much money?!  That IS a valid example.  But for some reason we had/have a problem with the people who are responsible for keeping us healthy making to much money.  I call that jealousy.  Was there abuse?  Yes, but there were systems in place to stop that problem.

Second, why are people almost always willing to think that the people who caused the problem are capable of fixing it or more importantly admitting they made a mistake?  Because most people are stupid and incapable of critical thought.  If you find that offensive then that statement probably applies to you.

The business reasons against Health Care are obvious to any rational, realistic  person but that is best said here.

I could go on for pages but need to go find a way to pay for my increasing health care coverage!

*(Moore, as in there is more of his ignorant people exploiting, fat millionaire ass by the minute – sorry I couldn’t resist)

One Last Kiss?

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What if today was it?
Would I be content?
Would I have sorrow and regret in my heart?
Or would I feel content and happy?
Have I done my best?
Could I have done more?
What was our last kiss like?

Yes, my life revolves around your kiss.
Your kisses can make me soar to new heights
I feel your love and passion in your kiss
I feel your disappointment and disdain too
It isn’t a one sided thing, no, no.
Sometimes we forget that this could be the last kiss.
Sometimes we let petty things bind our lips.
Too often we just take them for granted.
Light my soul and send me on my way
Prepare me for a new day and help me soar away
Give me a memory I can never forget
Because this could be our one last kiss…

— Sensei Mitch S.

Amazing Cloud

Happy Valentine’s Day

Was Shakespeare Real?

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Keep reading and the title will make sense…

As most of you know I usually attempt to avoid religious topics since my intent is to present information to facilitate your growth as a Martial Artist. As such, you can incorporate your religious beliefs with my thoughts, reflects and training techniques as you see fit. Today however, I want to post a comment from another blog that caught my eye. The main topic the comment responds to is the assertion that God does not exist and Jesus was a fictional character, of course the author cites minutiae to support this idea.  Not surprisingly many of the commenter’s support his opinion. I am not insulted or offended by these types of views, you see I believe in free will. So with that preamble here is the comment in play write format that caught my eye:

Mad Max | August 12, 2009, 7:18am | #

PAUL: Here’s the deal, Decius – we want to create a new religion, a religion for which people all over the Roman Empire will be willing to die, but we don’t have a good founder figure. We were hoping that you could use your creativity to make up a founder for our religion.

PETER: We were both impressed by your work on the superheroes Battus Manus and Homo Superbus. We want you to create a fictional character like that, only we’re going to try and convince the world the guy really existed.


DECIUS: A tall order, indeed. How about this: I’ll invent a great religious leader who came to Rome to preach justice and righteousness. His enemies killed him by the sword, but he came back to life again.

PAUL: That’s interesting, but we’d like to make a couple changes. First, instead of having our founder come to Rome, have him live out his entire life exclusively in the Jewish lands on the east of the Mediterranean (except for a side-trip to Egypt). I mean, why would we want to have him come to Rome to preach righteousness?

DECIUS: Uh, because Rome is the capital of the world?

PETER: Nah, it would be more authentic if he spent all his time in our neck of the woods. It’s an obscure area, and your Roman officials often kill locals accused of sedition, so it will seem more plausible that he died there.

PAUL: And another thing – instead of having him die a hero’s death by the sword, why not have him crucified?

DECIUS: But that’s a disgraceful and ignominious punishment! Dying by the sword is much more honorable than getting tortured and hanged like a common criminal! That would be a major stumbling-block in trying to win converts!

PETER: True, but we were thinking that, a few centuries down the road, a death by crucifixion would make for some cool artwork.

PAUL: And we don’t want a wretched Jew to die any kind of honorable death, even in fantasy.

DECIUS: But, *you’re* Jewish.

PETER: Yeah, but we’re self-hating, like Woody Allen.

DECIUS: Very well, then. And since you want to persuade people that this guy is real, I’ll bribe a Jewish historian in town – Josephus by name – to mention your guy in that history of the Jewish Wars he’s working on, so as to delude the world into thinking your guy existed. I’ll also put out the word to pagan critics of your religion that they should avoid insinuating that he didn’t exist – their denunciations should focus on other issues.

I couldn’t have made the point better myself or I would have!  It is funny to me that people have such a hard time believing in God given all the things they are willing to believe. I’ll leave the examples to you…

Let me know if you want more posts centering on Religion.

Where are all the children?

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Today I had to visit the DMV.  For those of you not in America, that stands for Department of Motor Vehicles, or as I like to call it Department of the Mentally Vacant.  But I digress, while I was standing in line I spent about 20 minutes next to the free brochure rack.  This rack contains all of the useful tips and information that every bureaucrat thinks you need.  As I looked over the selection I realized something.  There were three tri-fold glossy brochures dealing with pets, how to make your driving vacation comfortable for your pet, the dangers of leaving a pet in the car during periods of heat, and, pet auto safety.  There were zero brochures on child safety. This gave me pause but it wasn’t until a little earlier when I was driving on the highway and I saw a bumper sticker that I felt compelled to blog about this.  A car had to bumper stickers that read “choose life, adopt a pet”.  It all crystallized at that moment.  Where are all the children?

Today if you suggest a woman should “choose life” you are vilified. You regularly hear about pet-issues.  People take their pets to daycare centers and spas, their kids are left to wander the streets.  We hear about animal rights and humane treatment but little about nurturing our children.  I recently found out that there have been 48,000,000 legal abortions just in America since 1973.  Yet there are animal shelters in almost every major town, for fear the animals will be put to death.  Where is the humanity in that?  I bet most people reading know where there is an animal shelter, but do you know where there is an orphanage?  Perhaps that is because unlike our animals we deal with our orphan problem differently.

I know there are still children, I know school populations have risen, so what.  The point is, where are the children in our thoughts and our media and our actions?  Count the bumper stickers and brochures you see and then answer that question.  Perhaps then we will begin to understand the problems we face with our youth, why we face 25% high school graduation rates in Detroit and Baltimore, a 35% graduation rate in New York.  Those are typical graduation rates nationally in case you are wondering.  How can our children succeed or care about themselves if we put them on a back burner, if we value them less then we value our pets?  The message is clear, “choose life and adopt a pet”, and our children are listening all to well.  Think about that the next time you are wondering how we are failing our children and why they have such little self-worth.

Village Idiots

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Give Mercedes a Chance!The other day I went to the local video store and rented Pride. I will write another post about that because it is an awesome movie. But as I checked out the clerk began to engage me in a conversation about the economy, the bad times ahead and the evils of the American empire and the current President. He began this conversation like so many people never considering that I may not share his world view, that in itself always amuses me. Not considering someone may have a counterpoint means your intellect can’t comprehend someone not agreeing with you. If you follow that thinking this leads to one of two conclusions. One the person feels they have the inside scoop on all legitimate knowledge and therefore are smarter then you, ego. Or, they their view of the world is so narrow they cannot comprehend that any perspective other then their own can exist, ignorance and ego. In either case pretty much they are the Village Idiot. I do not say that because I disagree with them, I label a lot of people who agree with me as Village Idiots too. These are people who grab a hold of the first point of view they hear and cling to it like the Gospel without question or rational thought. What I love about the Village Idiot is that they fall prey to the very thing they profess you have fallen prey to. Case and point he began explaining that America was evil and that the ONLY thing America was good at was convincing the rest of the world to do that which was bad. Then followed the classic explanation of the propaganda and misinformation the “right” put forth to keep us down. The conversation quickly degraded when I pointed out some historical facts that countered many of his beliefs. He changed course and endorsed Obama stating that there was still hope for all of us! I asked him why he felt Obama was worthy of his loyalty. He started talking about change without saying anything. I reminded him that Obama was as much a part of the establishment he loathes as the other candidates, being an multi-millionaire and current Senator with zero record of fighting the system. He immediately suggested I read a book written by someone he held in high regard feeling this would remove the blindfold from my eyes so that I could see the world as clearly as he. I didn’t have the heart or the time to tell him that I had already read the book he suggested! You see I like to understand my enemies better then my friends.

This conversation got me to thinking about the current plight of the world and my responsibility to it. Sadly I do feel responsible. I say sadly because I would like to be like so many other Americans and bury my head in the sand and focus on my family. But then I would be like so many Colonists who were willing to give England their due until their backs were against the wall. Unfortunately I am not nearly as wise or learned as our Founding Fathers. What I do do is attempt to get people to think, even the Village Idiots. Most people do not like to confront their beliefs or face confrontation. It is easier to just go along thinking that you can just get along. Unfortunately history teaches us that that just isn’t the case. The Martial Arts also teaches us that this is not the case. How many Instructors will counsel a student confronted with a Bully that they should just give them what they want and perhaps they’ll want to be their friend? If you answer yes to that then you need to either get a new instructor or send me a check for $1,000.00 a month…or else! Seriously you instruct the student to stand up for themselves. Depending on the situation that may include going to the authorities or punching them in the nose!

Why is it that the above example is so clear to almost everyone? Because it is almost common sense. For those that have never faced a conflict like that though the answer is not clear. Mostly people assume if they just give them what they want they will be left alone…wrong…they will want more. I need to say this though, many people will say fighting doesn’t solve anything. I agree but often you have no option to fight and if you wait to long you may not even have the option to fight having given so much ground that your opponent has complete power over you. Why should the bully be the only one with a voice? What does this have to do with the Village Idiot? Most of us just quietly give them voice. Perhaps I will use my voice by no longer patronizing that business, I’m not sure. But one thing that I do know and I told the Village Idiot this. Change doesn’t come from a movement for a movement is nothing more then a new establishment and you never know if an establishment will be good or bad until it is in power. Change comes from the people, not as a mob but as thoughtful individuals. The only country where that type of power still exists is in America, socialism is quickly sweeping the world into a new era of modern communism and if we aren’t careful it could be hundreds or thousands of years before our children have a voice again.

An Incredible Interpretation

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This is an incredible interpretation of the Pledge of Allegiance by comedian Red Skelton.

Not what you thought was it? I want to memorize this speech…

Political Personal Responsibility

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For the first time in my adult life I publicly endorsed a candidate, Fred Thompson. Well it is now old news that he withdrew his bid for President. From my perspective this was a sad day for Conservative, Federalists who want to preserve our country and stop the march to Socialism and Communism. That one sentence probably alienated 90% of my visitors but so be it. The point is that in the process of reflecting on why my candidate falter, I had an epiphany. Regardless of the candidate we elect to any given office, WE are responsible.  Personal ResponsibilityI say this because myself and others who support(ed) Fred Thompson felt hope was lost when he stepped down. Our choices are standard politicians (on both sides) that stand on long records of lying and pandering to every special interest group. The very people our fore fathers fought to overcome have taken over the system they created!

What does this have to do with personal responsibility? In thinking this over it hit me that we do not need Fred Thompson, we need, ‘We the People‘. Regardless of who is elected locally or Federally we the people have the power to make sure they do their jobs and follow the law. The problem is it is hard, very hard. But if I am going to be part of the solution then I need to take some responsibility. So do you! The responsibility to be willing to spill some tea into the harbor. The responsibility to make sure our laws are followed by all government officials. The responsibility to argue and be involved. These are Conservative ideals. No longer can I remain silent, nor can you, Conservative or Not. To be dramatic, these may very well be the final days of this Republic and I’d hate to think I could have stopped the end if only I had acted. This is a call to action for all Americans who are interested in saving this country from politicians, foreign interests, lawyers and worse. I call you to rally not behind me but behind the American Flag, the Constitution and the ideals of our founding fathers.

Good Luck.

Do you Believe in God?

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Since it is Sunday I thought it an appropriate time to ask this question. I have always operated under the belief that the vast majority of people believe in God. Notice I didn’t specify or define God but just generally that there is a higher power. Recently I came across this web site which while not very scientific I found the results shocking. The site (link below) asks a simple question, Yes or No, do you believe in God. You can click on their logo to vote.

Do you believe?

Given the current state of the world I guess the results should not surprise me. But nearly 50% of the world doesn’t believe!? This makes me wonder what they believe? From my experience most activities fortify my belief. A Martial Arts blog may seem a strange place for this discussion but to me the Martial Arts are steeped in belief in a higher order even though it is left to the individual to pursue. Where do you weigh in? Post a comment…

Chuck Norris, Politics and Endorsements

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One of my readers sent this to me a while ago but I’ve been so busy I just got a chance to watch it today… I can’t believe I hadn’t seen this, but it was a definite fit, so thank you Rebecca! The Video is a political ad for Mike Huckabee who I really don’t know much about but this was a great idea on his staffs part! Enjoy….

While I try to keep the blogs content centric the above video got me thinking I should give some “air-time” to the only candidate I support, Fred Thompson. I have followed his political career for a long time now and he is a very principled man who does what he says he is going to do. I’m not trying to convert or convince anyone, you have to make your own choices but perhaps I will give you pause to give Fred some consideration. Regardless is turns out he also has a great sense of humor! In a recent Ad in typical Fred Thompson fashion he shunned the mainstream media and released this video directly to YouTube in response to a challenge from Michael “the rich fat slob who pretends to know our problems to make more money” Moore.

I can see why Fred Thompson doesn’t like the media but I like the fact that they included a clip of Moore expressing his love for America. If you missed it you’ll have to watch it again. In typical fashion the news media cut the beginning of the video which makes it lose something, here is the complete 38 second version of the video:

If you want to know more about Fred Thompson and where he stands on the issues this is a good clip to start with. Yes I said stand on the issues not spin, he actually states his stance but more importantly explains his plan on how to make his approach a reality. Haven’t heard talk like that since Ronald Reagan ran for office. And yes, I mean that as a compliment!

This is perhaps one of the best explanations of Federalism and why it is such a healthy and incredible form of government I’ve ever heard. If this isn’t a breath of fresh air then what is?!

Feel free to post comments as I would like to know what you think, other resources, links and opinions. Look forward to hearing from you…

In Response To Fascism

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In surfing the internet today a headline caught my eye Action, adventure and atheism? ‘Compass’ meets some opposition. It was a short article about the new movie The Golden Compass. The title pretty much tells the story but what I found the most interesting were the 164 comments! I was jealous, if only I could get my readers to comment like that!! As I read the comments a common theme surfaced that I have seen a thousand times, so I decided to respond, then I realized I should share it here since I am standing up for what I see as justice and the little guy…read on and let me know what you think…in a comment!

The commenters are divided into those who agree with the article:

I think the magic stuff as a whole is crossing over the black and white and going too gray for kids and parents…be careful that we teach them to not believe or act on magical/witchcraft later on…it is real and can be real bad for kids, nightmares, etc…

This by far represents the vast minority of commenters but provides ample foder for those that loath the existance of the article. I use strong language because that is the mood that comes across when reading the comments. Those that disagree with the article cover the spectrum of approaches. They always seem to begin innocent as this early comment:

I think people are taking things far to seriously. The movie is fantasy, as was Harry Potter. I never got into the whole Potter movie phenom but I don’t see how it hurt anyone’s Christian beliefs.

But like any feeding frenzy people become more passionate when they feel they have the upperhand. But the one that really caught my attention and made me decide to post a comment of my own was this comment: (I bolded the parts that I found the most interesting as they may help interpret my response and comments. I also added links to define certain words.)

Wonderful story, acting and special affects. Great entertainment.

I find it amusing that the “old religions of controlling for thousands of years” are once again, up in arms and protesting thou shalt not watch this movie…for it is evil…er I mean it shall affect Sunday offerings”! LOL!

Yeah…it’s about 2,000 – 3,000 years way overdue that religion vanishes and “Spirituality” replaces it. It’s happening, the etheric awakening and the church knows it and is afraid of the disolution of the lemming followers finally taking back their power. It’s about time.
People are beginning to realize the bloody, greedy, corrupt, controlling, fear based dark past of many religions. Read up on the Crusades and the Inquisitions and you will learn the horrific truth of the Catholic church. This old propaganda, one must go to person of the cloth, to get to God, if one does not do this or that hell awaits, is such crap. It’s all about control, instilling fear and money. The bloody reality is the church murdered and stole to create it’s massive wealth. Read historical accounts, not the damn re-written crap and propganda by the manipulators. Yes…the bible has been re-written countless times to serve the needs of those in power at the time. Once revered women were taken out of the bible to give aall the power to the men.
This is the coming of age of “Spirituality” and maintaining your personal power and relationship with Spirit, Source, God or no creator, whatever you believe or don’t believe.
Anyways…great movie…I’d see it again and will buy the DVD when it comes out!

Here is my response to this and similar comments everywhere…

It is amusing to me reading through the comments like these on topics like this how the only religion attacked in Christianity. I see no references to the texts of Islam, Judah, or others. I see more articles written by Muslims condemning works like this but no outrage. Perhaps it is because Christianity stands alone in supporting justice and freedom. Perhaps many have met misguided followers, God knows I have. Perhaps instead you met the truth which was contrary to your way life? Perhaps in you uncomfortable ignorance you found it easier to shun and ridicule the to look within and perfect yourself. The funny thing is in how you react. You are much more evangelical in your witnessing to the “lies” of Christianity, then most Christians are to their faith. Perhaps that is because most Christians believe in free will. We do not fault you your choices, we pity you.

Why do you react so strongly when someone posts an article or opinion piece meant for like-minded people? When I read an opinion piece written by someone of contrary beliefs then myself I do one of two things. I stop reading and move on. Or I read though so I can learn how those opposite of me can think. It never occurs to me to convert them or as you attempt to save them. Kind of ironic or is the word hypocritical?

I just had to stop for a moment and ask.

This part I didn’t post but I was also wonder what their opinions are of other religions? Do they think they could rant like that or me this way if they lived in a non-Christian society? Yes there are exceptions but I like to deal with the rule. It amuses me the way communists rant against America yet get into their BWM and then scream if someone violates their civil rights! Yes I live near a college town…

BTW, I titled this piece “In Response to Fascism” because that is what both sides are doing trying to perform a suppression of the opposition. Unlike the article that poses an opinion as a review for like-minded people, these comments seek to suppress not only the article but those who would agree. I find very little intellectual dialog in these “discussions” as they are often more reminiscent of a grade school playground where each side attempts to convince the other of their right.

There it is done. You know more about me. I have made every attempt to keep this blog generic and open so if this offends you…start your own blog! I am allowed to an occassional rant given my daily vigil to post useful content and resources for you the unknown, non commenter. 😉