A Must for Every Parent!

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I stumbled across this great web site and had to share it with everyone! Anti-Drug.org is a great web site designed with Parents in mind. This site provide crucial information about drug use and what to look for in determining if your child is at risk. I would urge all Sensei’s to also review this information because you may be in a position to help stop a problem before it begins! There is so much information available at this web site is is hard to single out any one part. However the guide to the Pressures on Today’s Teens for parents should be required reading. Bookmark this site and visit it often! Remember as parents and role models we have a responsibility to our youth, to keep them out of trouble and to help them make good decisions. Because the decisions our children make today will effect the choices they have available tomorrow!

New School Website Announced

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This is a new site that just launched to promote the Flying Eagle Martial Arts which teaches Tiger Crane Kung Fu at 5833 East Los Angeles Ave. Simi Valley, CA. 93063. The site is VERY visually pleasing and really grabs your attention. The information on this site is specific to this school but if you are in the Simi Valley area it is worth a look. The site appears to be the handy work of one of the Instructors, so the kudos appear to go to Kurtis!

Revision of: A Review of “The Sword of the Spirit Society” Web Site

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This is a revision of my original review to which the owner of the web site took great exception. On all reviews and articles we post we make every effort to inform and solicit all involved parties to the review or story to read it and write a comment with additions or corrections. We do this because the involved parties can often provide unique perspectives. The owner of this site did not choose to comment however has asked for the review to be removed. The owner of the site was very upset with the harsh review we gave the web site. He felt the review was “a hatchet job and somewhat slanderous” and that “anyone who reads your site and then reads mine will see that you are a liar and are just trying to impede a good work”.

Corrections and Observations…
Amid the numerous insults of the owners reply was one correction that I did in fact over look, that the benefits of paying the membership fee is outlined and includes a free seminar or if you cannot attend a video. A nice feature however there are no real details about the upcoming or past seminars to help you determine if this is a worthy cause. Another point that the owner was very upset about was the assertion that the site was obviously a for-profit venture. The reason for this belief is the lack of clarity and amusingly (given his seemingly robust conviction for forthrightness) his self-serving and misleading links on his web site. Under the heading of “Non-Member Supporters” there are 5 listings

  • JMACTIONDVD.COM Martial arts videos
  • The Living Word Home School Karate Program
  • Worldwide Business Systems,
  • web sites and business services
  • Video Services

All of these are owned and operated by the owner of “The Sword of the Spirit Society” web site. Now I see no problem with this however it is highly misleading and given the response of the owner it would seem he holds much higher standards. The only explanation that would be acceptable given the high standards he outlines in his email would be if he is not a member of the society he manages. Is this possible? This does not mean the site is ‘for-profit’ however it does question the motivation. If I were to pay for a membership or make a donation I would like to see some clarification of the assertion that donations go “to support the works of the Society” specifically “other works” and specifically what “works’ means? Does “works” include managing the web site?

Revised Review…
So given the above I have decided to revise my review of the web site slightly. Not from fear or intimidation but out of fairness. The web site layout and design is still, in my opinion not very attractive, very plain and does in fact use frames which seem very dates (to me). I still assert that the most important part of a web site is its content. Again, the content (at the moment) is very minimal (2 articles and 2 events). The articles are not dated so it is impossible to get a feel for how frequently or how soon new articles will be added. I did read one of the articles (as previously stated) and it was very well written. Let me add that it was so well written I would be interested in reading more, if I knew when they would be available. The events listings need more information like contact information or other useful details.

Despite the scathing emails from the owner I still think that the idea for the web site is good, however, I still feel the site was announced to soon. My previous statement that “If you are curious feel free to check out the site but visiting the site more then once at the present time seems pointless.” was simply meant to reenforce the fact that you can see everything in one visit and you are not given any indication of when you may see more content added. Because of this the overall review is not changed:
Site Rating: 2 Stars out of 10
I hope the owner finds the above a fair review of the web site, though I doubt it. I would ask that others read the above review, visit the site and then post a comment. It is the nature of a review to point out both positive and negative impressions of the writer, my opinions. So please form your own and write them in the comments section. But please before you write please take a second and ask WWJD.

Circle of Iron

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This Review both slams and endorses the film Circle of Iron. This is a B movie at best. I agree with the reviewer in stating the David Carradine is the only saving grace in the movie. The original screenplay was written in part by Bruce Lee, it is believed that he hoped to make the film with his son Brandon, Bruce would have played the part David Carradine took on. Unfortunately the reviewer is right on target, this is a weak B movie at best but does have a few redeeming qualities for the Martial Arts/Eastern Philosophy enthusiasts.

Mixed Martial Arts…Win

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At the recent Eagles combatant tournament three soldiers won big using the mixed martial arts techniques they learned in their training. The article goes on to discuss the benefits of mixed martial arts training. Is there really anything new here? Most of the ‘newer’ martial art styles are simpy new styles that chose alacarte from the best of other styles. This doesn’t necessarily make them better. I think there is a large question of training. Hmmm guys from the military won! Could it be they take their training a little more seriously? Another possible anwer is that when people compete they have certain expectations given the style of their opponent. In having preconcienved ideas of what their opponent might do they tend to prejudge and thereby underestimate their opponent. If I spar with someone who practices Tae Kwon Do then I expect more kicks, if they suddenly hit me with a flurry of hand moves I might be caught off gaurd. I’m not saying these guys aren’t good, just the emphasis on the mixed martial arts might be misplaced.

East meets West

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This article gives a nice brief explanation of Tai Chi. While I do not practice Tai Chi I consider it to be the Ultimate Martial Art. Everything I have seen and read pertaining to Tai Chi has reinforced my belief this fact. It is my goal to finish my life as a Martial Artist practicing and mastering Tai Chi.