iTaser: Shockingly Good Sound Quality

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Finally a Consumer Product that keeps you safe and happy at the same time! Turns out that Music is not only good for the soul but it makes good protection too! Well this product may not protect you with music but you can listen to your favorite tracks while you are Tasing an attacker. It will almost make the experience like going to the movies! Perhaps “Danger Zone” would make a good track?

Red Taser C2All joking aside this is a great idea and a great product. While it is NOT called the iTaser this is a name that seems to be becoming a popular unofficial nickname for the device. The device is actually called the Taser® C2 and you need the combination Taser® C2 Holster to complete the self-defense, 1GB MP3 playing electronic control device. Taser International Inc, which makes stun guns, unveiled a natty range of MP3-playing holsters that can hold up to one gigabyte worth of songs and comes with iPod-style headphones. Both the holders and the 50,000 volt electric charge-delivering guns come in stylish designs such as leopard print, “Fashion Pink” and “Hot Red“. With a price tag of just over $400.00 this device is a real attention getter.

Super Bionic Ninja Robot Hand!

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Is this the beginning of the end? Could a Super Bionic Ninja Army soon take over the world?! In this Discovery Channel video they take on the legend that Ninja’s could catch an arrow as a defensive move.

Of course these non-believers prove that to catch an arrow is an impossible feat. But is their experiment accurate? Have they in fact ignored the super human skills Ninja Masters can acquire? Or are they in fact Ninja agents bent on insuring the Ninja secrets stay well secret!? Regardless of which reason you like the fact remains that no Ninja would try to catch an arrow from that distance when they could easily dispatch the Archer with a Shuriken or throwing dart. If they had tried to catch the arrow from further away and had their hand move with the arrow, catching it as it flew by, perhaps their “experiment” would have had a different result! We may never know the truth now as they continue to cloud the secret Ninja skills with Science and Math! If all of this hasn’t convinced you they are in fact Ninja agents sent to confuse us, how can you ignore their closing threat to take over the world with their Super Bionic Ninja Army?!

Donatello where are you?!!


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NunchakuTranslations: Nunchaku (Chinese: ???, shu?ng jié gùn; ???, li?ng jié gùn “Dual Section Staff”; ???, èr jié gùn “Two Section Staff”; Japanese: ????? nunchaku; ???, sh?shikon “Boatman’s staff”; ???, s?usetsukon “Paired sections staff”; ???, “Two section staff”)

A nunchaku or nunchucks is a martial arts weapon of the kobudo weapons set and consists of two sticks connected at their ends with a short chain or rope. The other Kobudo weapons are the sai, tonfa, bo, eiku, tekko, tinbe-rochin, surujin, and kama. A san-jet-gun or san-set-sukon or 3 sectional staff is a similar weapon with three sticks attached on chains instead of two (see our coverage of this weapon here).

Nunchakus were popular weapons in both Chinese and Japanese cultures. The Chinese nunchaku are typically round whereas the Japanese are octagonal. Like so many things in Asian history patience was involved in creating a pair of nunchakus. The hardwood, typically oak, loquat or pasania, would be submerged in mud for several years to harden the wood. In the mud there is no oxygen which causes decay and the acidity was optimal for seasoning and hardening the wood.

But to truely appreciate the use of the nunchaku is to see someone using a pair. Now most people asscoiate the nunchaku with Bruce Lee, however we thought it more appropriate to feature a video of a regular guy practicing with his nunchakus. This video shows how impressive using the nunchakus can be with practice…enjoy…

The Three Section Staff (San-Jie-Gun)

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The 3 Section Staff is a formidable weapon that can be swung around similar to a nunchaku or a bo staff. Its use can allow you to clear your whole body space to fend off an attacker. Because of its configuration the 3 section staff is useful as both a long and short range weapon. Held at one end and swung freely the staff extends the users reach almost 3 times their arms length. In close range combat the 3 section staff is held with a section in each hand allowing the user to block and strike in tight quarters. This configuration makes it a slightly more manageable weapon then the nunchaku.

This weapon has fallen out of popular culture and is becoming a more historical weapon as it can be impractical for real use unlike the bo staff (think broom handle!). This ancient Chinese weapon is still an amazing weapon. To get a better understanding of the potential uses of the 3 section staff this demonstration is well worth the watch.

If you really want to appreciate the 3 section staff and its origin you must see the movie Shaolin Master Killer (Widescreen Edition)!

Sword Play for Self-Cultivation

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Weapons training is a personal preference but a natural extension of martial arts training. Now Martial Artists in the Shelby area of the UK will have the opportunity to learn this ancient art thanks to the folks at Mura Karate