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Chuck Norris…the Legend!

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I have seen the web site this video clip refers to and thought it was really funny, but to see Chuck Norris read from it was amazingly funny and entertaining!

Kung Fu demonstration in Beijing

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This 8 min 14 sec video is an incredible demonstration of Kung Fu…take a look at this beautiful Martial Art in practice.

Don’t Use Drugs…

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This is by far one of the best anti-drug ads that I have seen.

It makes a strong message is a funny and memorable way, drugs kill brain cells. I could go on but think I’ll let the video do the talking πŸ˜‰
In case you missed the message…Cannabis, High for a night, Slow for a Month…maybe even longer…

Crime Deterrent!

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Most of you have probably seen this but it is worth seeing again..


This Video demonstrates the principle that everything is a weapon! While it does it rather amusingly (actually I find the video hilarious) it does make the point that when prepared and in the right frame of mind almost anything can be a tool for self-defense and thus a Crime Deterrent! Source