Body Part Regeneration

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This is amazing and well worth sharing here so more people will know this type of technology is available. If this can help you or anyone you know please pass it on and by all means let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

These doctors are the real heroes of our generation. I wish they would get as much press as some of our dysfunctional athletes.

Here is a 3 part talk on regenerative medicine by expert Alan Russell…

The Best Karate Kid Parody!

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I’m not sure I would call this a Parody, but that is the Title. This is really the best Karate Kid short I have ever seen. It is also one of the best Karate Shorts period. From the soundtrack to the filming this has a great professional feel to it. I especially like the ending when he refuses the bait, a very nice and realistic touch…you’ll understand…after you watch it.

We will spend some more time on this film during our upcoming Exclusive Interview the with creator Nic Shake.

Look for it soon right here!

Choose Wisely…

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Choose Wisely

Which world do you want to live in?

This may strike a cord or a nerve for some readers but this image really struck me. In looking at the stark contrast of the image I began to ponder the different paths our World could potentially take. Will we follow the path of freedom or will we turn down the path of totalitarianism? Observation, intuition and current events unfortunately point to the path of totalitarianism. If that is the case the only amusing observation is that those who lead the march down that path will be the first sacrificed on it’s Alter.

A Woman’s Self Defense Instructor and Advocate it amazes me the circular logic that I encounter. We fight for Women’s rights but then we don a head scarf to show support for Muslim women. In Turkey last week 125,000 people turned out to protest a Constitutional Amendment to lift the ban on head scarves on University campuses. The President, an observant Muslim, lauded the amendment and is expected to sign it this week. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan called the ban a trial for young Muslim women who are forced to remove their traditional head scarves at campus entrances. Erdogan, whose Justice and Development Party has ties to Islam went on to say, “We will end the suffering of our girls at university gates”.

On the other side of this controversy the Republican People’s Party said it would appeal to the Constitutional Court. “This is a Black Revolution. The head scarf is a political symbol,” said lawmaker Canan Aritman. “We will never allow our country to be dragged back into the dark ages.” Nesrin Baytok, another Republican legislator, said approval of the law would turn Turkey into Afghanistan in a domino effect. Now look back up at the image…which world do you want to live in? Oh, that is right I am sure you are thinking that this can’t happen where you live! There is nothing to worry about. Perhaps you should check the recent news from England.

Perhaps I should begin to teach women in my self-defense classes that if they only don a head scarf they won’t need to fear attack…or perhaps I should continue to teach them how to disable their attackers so they can continue to walk down the street with their heads held high.

Meditation Point #112

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“Sighted people do not know
    the way the sightless come and go;
They seldom seem to understand
    what light can be in this dark land
Where ears can hear and noses smell
    Much more than sight could ever tell,
Where touch and taste answers true
    to questions sight may think it knew.
Better senses, some believe,
    are those four left they can’t conceive
That better use of senses remaining
    Makes the world a place for gaining
Knowledge, understanding, strength–
    I surely could go on at length,
But best I stop and leave with you
    The thought I hope I’ve gotten through;
That though they see less with the eye,
    they ‘see’ much more then you and I.”
– – Patti Cataruzolo

I read an very interesting and heartfelt story the other day in the Hartford Courant called “Seeing Life as Good“. It was the story of a Hockey Coach, David Cataruzolo, and his inspiration, his parents. The above poem was written by his Mother, Patti Cataruzolo. His story and her poem has been replaying in my mind since the reading.

In the Martial Arts we are supposed to teach us about spirit, independence, faith, respect and courage. I often wonder how many students actually learn these principles? Many people do not think of the Martial Arts (or any sport for that matter) as a path to faith or the spiritual, they are wrong. Through our own physical trials, success and failure, we grow and connect with something greater then ourselves. Many choose to ignore this and indulge in the base pleasures of life. This is a growing problem with our so called athlete role models. It is refreshing to read about a coach, a shaper of young men, who holds to these ideals.

As Martial Artists there is much we can learn from the above poem. At a basic level it reminds us to trust things other then our eyes which so often do deceive. All is not as it appears and our eyes can often seal our fate. If we look upon an opponent with trepidation then we are doomed to fail for we quit before we started. Periodically I have my students practice blindfolded. This is an exercise in perception and it is a powerful tool. At first students learn how much they depend on their eyes and how little they trust themselves. As they progress they learn to use their other senses and their self trust improves. Sparring blindfolded is perhaps the biggest hurtle a student faces. Yes sparring. Obviously the sighted opponent has an advantage but the exercise trains the student to use their other senses. It expands their situational awareness making them observant regardless of sight.

Like the line in Patti Cataruzolo’s poem, increase your “Knowledge, understanding, strength” by opening yourself to a new world where independence and trust take on new meaning. Maybe in the process you will learn to respect the plight of others different then yourself.

Karate Roots

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Style: Karate (pronounced kuh-rah-tay)
Meaning: “Empty hand”
Country of origin: Japan


Karate was developed in Okinawa, an island in Japan. However, when this martial arts style was developed, Okinawa was ruled by China. Hence the Chinese are credited with the founding of this style. Derived from Kung Fu and Kempo (Chinese Boxing) by the Okinawan farmers in order to fight the Chinese occupiers, and later the Japanese aggressors. It was designed to be swift and violent, quickly fighting an enemy using foot and hand strikes and not getting involved in grappling, though the opponent may be held on to for a short amount of time in order to prevent them from dodging an attack. Non-traditional weapon use was also incorporated into Karate training because of the weapons readily available to farmers. These weapons are still used in practice today including the Kama, Nunchaku, and Sai.

Over the centuries Karate has been fragmented into many different styles, forms or schools. Many of these different styles are very similar with only slight differences in their forms, a few however differ significantly in training techniques and forms. An example of the significant differences are the use of circular blocks (which sweep the attacking limb out of the way) or linear blocks (which meet the attacking limb directly with the intent of damaging it). Karate is an continually evolving art with many new styles and schools younger then 100 years. Interestingly, Karate did not take on a spiritual side until the 20th century with the development of Karate-do in which students study Karate as a means of self-improvement.

The American’s Creed

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In celebration of President’s Day I thought this would be an appropriate quote to reflect on.

Written by William Tyler Page and adopted by the House of Representatives on April 3, 1918.

The American’s Creed

I believe in the United States of America
as a government of the people, by the people, for the people;
whose just powers are derived from the consent of the governed;
a democracy in a Republic,
a sovereign Nation of many sovereign States;
a perfect Union one and inseparable;
established upon those principles of freedom; equality,
justice and humanity for which American patriots
sacrificed their lives and fortunes.
I therefore believe it is my duty to my Country to love it,
to support its Constitution,
to obey its laws,
to respect its flag,
and to defend if against all enemies.

“Referring to the Creed, Page said: It is the summary of the fundamental principles of the American political faith as set forth in its greatest documents, its worthiest traditions, and its greatest leaders. His wording of the Creed used passages and phrases from the Declaration of Independence, the Preamble to the Constitution, Lincoln”s Gettysburg Address, and Daniel Webster”s reply to Robert Y. Hayne in the Senate in 1830.”

How to Exercise More

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Everyone has their suggestions for exercising and eating better and they all think their way is the magic pill. Newsflash! There is no magic pill when it comes to exercise or eating better, just perseverance. We are all different with different goals and needs. Not all of us need to look like a Victoria Secrets model or Buff Surfer dude (does that still apply?). Most of us just want to be healthier and feel better, something the fitness community can’t seem to comprehend. Why, because we are normal people with busy lives. Yes if you can exercise with a personal trainer 4 hours a day go for it! Chances are though that’s not you any more then it is me. So what are we normal people supposed to do?!

liftingWell for one be realistic. Now being realistic can be a dangerous thing because it leaves you a lot of room for excuses. Like, the kids were sick so I could exercise or I had to work a lot of overtime and was exhausted, the list goes on and on. These are real events but if you continue to let that stop you from exercising things will never change for the better (they will get worse). No one is better at abusing themselves then I am, ask anyone who knows me. I’m not proud of that but it is the truth. This is a learned behavior and it is a very strong influence to overcome.

That is the first step to living a healthier life, overcoming our years or decades of unhealthy habits. Some people seek therapy for stuff like this so listen up this is for free!… Baby Steps. That means start off slow. I know this is common sense but too often we decide to get into shape with a sense of sit-upsurgency. No one gets into shape quickly, no one. Like anything in life worth having it takes hard work. So start off slow. Start by just doing a realistic set of sit-ups every night and morning. This simple task will get you motivated. Next add a 10-minute walk once or several times a day. In a matter of a week or so you will begin to feel better and better about yourself. Here is the dangerous point, becoming over motivated and trying to sprint to you goals. This is the point when you want to pump it up a notch but instead pump it up to an Olympic workout! What ends up happening is you exhaust yourself, feel terribly out of shape and out of necessity give yourself a break for a few days to recuperate. The problem is you never start up again:(

The solution is easy, Baby Steps. Even when you are ready keep your progress at a slow pace. This is important for physical as well as psychological reasons. Advancing your workout to quickly puts an incredible strain on your organs (heart, etc) and joints. The important thing is to unlearn your unhealthy habits and replace them with health habits, this takes time. Conventional thinking states that it takes a minimum of 3 months to make something part of your daily routine, so sticking with it for 3 months straight means you probably will for the long haul. If you slip and you will don’t just give up, lighten your workout but workout!! You should aim to do something everyday.

Ways to improve your success rate are to include a friend, your spouse or entire family in the new routine. This makes it a team effort. In a team effort you have some to help motivate you on your off days and it can also add an element of competition but make sure it is healthy competition!

The last thing to remember is when we talk about things we tend not to do them. Stop talking about getting in shape. Stop talking about losing weight. Stop talking about your goals. Like Nike says, Just Do It!!

To recap:

  • Set realistic goals (with smaller sub-goals)
  • Take Baby Steps
  • Workout with someone if possible
  • Don’t talk about it, Do It!

Meditation Point #109

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Edmund BurkeAll that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

– – Edmund Burke (Jan 12, 1729 – Jul 9, 1797)

This phrase seems increasingly relevant for me personally. For a number of years I have been silent mostly due to personal and medical problems but also because I had become complacent. Complacency I am finding is perhaps one of life’s biggest sins. There were reasons for my complacency but that doesn’t excuse my continued silence. I won’t detail the fights I am fighting here as it isn’t relevant, what is relevant is the need to stand up and be counted. Of course the above quote would leave many wondering at the term evil, for along with complacency comes acceptance. Our society has reached a critical point in its acceptance that I fear it has gone to far to repair. I fear this for the Nation but more importantly for the individuals I meet. We have been so socialized for so long that any stance other then one of acceptance is shunned.

Acceptance leads to ApathyDon’t believe me? The next time you are among friends try to bring up a socially unacceptable topic, but know your stuff so you can argue your point. You will quickly find your friends break into 4 distinct groups. The first group will argue with you against all logic and reason; these friends fight this way to preserve the world they have created around them. The second group will argue to a point and has two subgroups. One which upon seeing your logic will either shut down and ignore you (leave the room) or simply agree to disagree. The third group will within minutes of the discussion tune you out, they will enter a zone of non conflict where they can stay safe and unchallenged with their beliefs. The forth and last group will agree with you, some will do so silently for fear of becoming a target of the first group, others will agree openly even if they are not sure of their reasons.

This is increasingly hard in our world of personal morality since we each define our evil and good. Imagine the Chaos of a world where each of us define a good and evil based on our wants and desires! Now look around you and realize that Chaos is almost here. Look around you. Most people are like a ship without a rudder. This is the first step to the triumph of evil, Acceptance. Good men, silently moving on the wheels of the inevitability of their own inaction. The second step to the triumph of evil is Cowardice. In a state of acceptance good men fear retribution if they speak up and take a stance on counter to someone else’s actions or belief. Speaking up is only allowed in extreme cases where acceptance hasn’t been adopted yet. Acceptance and the following cowardice leads to change away from any social norms or structure. This leads to the third step to the triumph of evil, decadence. When we are all accepting and all resistance is removed because rampant cowardice stepping into a decadent lifestyle is easy, even comfortable.

People say that reality isn’t that simple. People believe there are shades of gray. Shades of gray makes the transition into Chaos almost comfortable, it just takes time.Liberty There is an increasingly short list of things that are unacceptable. Things that for centuries were taboo are suddenly vogue. We could learn much from Roman history but we will not, for those of us that read history, it tells us that much! Yes I believe in a much more black and white world, gray is either the exception or doesn’t exist, not the norm. This in itself is viewed as an extreme stance in today’s world. I’m comfortable with that. People that are comfortable with gray don’t think through the logic of their reasoning. Start with the extreme case and work your way back, the answer is usually very clear and never gray. You must train your mind to find the clear path of logic and reason. Basically continue to ask the question why until you fully understand the/your reasons. Our Pop culture mocks this type of thinking and will label you as the troublemaker.

Well, this turned into a rather bleak discussion of mans progression to evil if he isn’t vigilant. But then I think of another Edmund Burke quote, “Never despair; but if you do, work on in despair“. Freedom is never given voluntarily by the oppressor any more then the oppressed knowingly have their freedom taken. And so I will continue to fight against acceptance, cowardice and decadence in the hopes of stopping the progression of evil in this world. Perhaps I will inspire other to speak up and say no more! Perhaps you will join me in this fight?

Which of the four groups do you fall into?! To put a little different perspective to all this…

I’m not concerned about all Hell breaking loose, but that a part of Hell will break loose. It’ll be much harder to detect.

– – George Carlin

What do you want?

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I Can’t Hear you!I enjoy reading the comments and private email from people who read this blog. The number of people who post or send email is relative small, however, compared to the number of people who visit the site daily or subscribe my RSS feed. Many of us have stayed in touch and I’ve made a few new friendships which is always a bonus.For the rest of you the silent masses I want to ask what you want to read about! To do this I’d like to ask you, my loyal readers, five simple questions:

1. Who are you (name and occupation)?
2. Where are you from?
3. How long have you been visiting this site?
4. Have you posted a comment here before?
5. What would you like to read more (or less) about here on Martial Thoughts?

Answer the questions you feel like answering. But please do post a comment!

I look forward to hearing from you.

An Appropriate Reaction

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This is old news but a great talking point so I am drawing some attention to it. In the video Burt Reynolds slaps a reporter…GASP, the horror! So why would Burt Reynolds do such a thing? Well, Burt Reynolds slapped the CBS reporter at premier of film “The Longest Yard” when the reporter admits he never saw the original. Sounds reasonable to me!

Burt Reynolds is a man’s man and has never worried about what people think but he also has never shown himself to be mean spirited, quite the opposite. In the video Burt is clearly smacking the “guy” upside the head for being an idiot. Now if it was a female reporter then perhaps Burt’s move would have been inappropriate but in a man’s world body contact like this is normal behavior. Guys give each other a hard time for being idiots and yes a smack in the head is appropriate sometimes.

What is really interesting is the way CBS chose to report the story. CBS uses language to mislead and inflame the situation for the public to try and maximize the news worthiness of this non-news item. Using language like CBS Producer to neuter the reporter and insinuate the report was a woman. Then they make the offense sound more violent stating Burt Reynolds “Hitting” a CBS Producer. Most people will only hear or remember the sound bite and then draw their own conclusions. In my opinion more people should slap reporters for bad reporting…strike that, for out right lying about events to make them more sensational. Way to go Burt!