Seriously Funny Moments

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Perhaps it is my mood but this picture really tickled my funny bone, I have to giggle when I see it.

Maybe it is the disinterested faces watching on… I think it has more to do with a running joke with a few of my students… Oh, Snap!


I know it has been a while since I’ve posted and I am trying to get back on track. Life has thrown me a lot lately but like everything that too shall pass.

Please bear with me and of course…Stay Tuned…many thanks.

Sweep the Leg – No More Kings

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Being a huge fan of the Karate Kid Movie this caught my eye. The Music group No More Kings has a song out called Sweep the Leg which focuses entirely on the order from Johnnie’s Sensei to do just that. The song is great on its own merit, catchy tune and lyrics, but the music video is a masterpiece! See for yourself and post a comment with your reactions…
[zdvideo width=”400″ height=”350″][/zdvideo]

Did you watch closely? Yes those were ALL the original actors for The Karate Kid!!

This is not their only good song, actually most of their work is top notch, so, if you enjoy it as much as I did you can purchase their whole album here:
No More Kings

I did!

Surprise Attacks

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You never see them coming!


If you can think of a better subtitle, post it to the comments!


Horton is a Great Example!

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Took the kids to see Horton Hears a Who! this weekend and let me tell you I enjoyed the Movie as much as the kids did, more even!! This is a must see for anyone with kids or anyone who enjoys a well made movie. Most of us already know the story line but for those who don’t Horton is an Elephant who finds a spec that he thinks (correctly) has people on it. Sorry if that spoils anything… His quest to protect and save them is the focus of the movie. There are so many great lessons that this movie reinforces I’m not sure where to start. Friendship, loyal friendship, respect, commitment, standing up for those who can’t stand up for themselves, sacrifice, make that personal sacrifice, believing in yourself, and facing fear.

I strongly suggest you see this movie and then use it when instructing a kids Martial Arts class, What would Horton do? Parents and Instructors can use this great film to help illustrate the complex concepts listed. There is even a great scene where Horton imagines he is a Karate Chopping hero, very cool.

For the big kids the animation and cinematography were stellar, if you are into the sort of thing. πŸ˜‰

Horton Hears a Who!

Weapons Practice

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Heads Up!

Use your head but not literally!

Motivating Equality the Martial Way…

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Motivate Equality

When a Flying Kick won’t do the Job…

The First Day of Spring!!

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Gene Kelley’s most famous movie moment ever.

What better video clip can capture the Joy of Spring, Spring fever and what it is like to be in Love!

A romantic to the last! Enjoy the coming Spring with a song in your heart.


How to Be a Ninja!

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I came across this How-To Video that just had to be shared! A serious documentary on the skills necessary to be…a Ninja!

A Great presentation.

Bruce Willis – Honorary Black Belt Recipient

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Bruce Willis


As a huge Bruce Willis Fan I couldn’t resist making up this sign. He may not be a Martial Artist but I think the Martial Arts community should get together and make him an Honorary Black Belt. He is way cooler the Chuck Norris, he can take a beating better then Chuck Norris, he doesn’t stay down and keeps on swinging, he has a better sense of humor then Chuck Norris, he is a better actor then Chuck Norris, pretty sure Bruce Willis has taken out more Bad Guys then Chuck Norris, and well he’s Bruce Willis!!

Bruce we Salute you and wants to present you with the First Honorary Black Belt for your contributions to making being a Guy cool and meaningful. Bruce, please contact us so we can arrange the presentation of your Honorary Black Belt.

Slow Motion Karate Chop!

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This was to cool not to share…