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Email is healthier…?!

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At least that is the claim, really not a claim as much as the basis for this post.  Why is email healthier for you?  The reason is simple, every time to lick a stamp you are consuming one-tenth of a calorie.  Yes, one-tenth of a percent is what you are saving every time you send an email instead of a letter.  I am afraid there is a great injustice being done to young Brides as they invite all their relatives to their wedding!  TEN calories for every 100 people you invite!!

So, why am I writing this?  It does seem a little ridiculous doesn’t it?  It is.  Obviously you will burn off that one-tenth of a calorie walking to the mailbox to send your letter, something that doesn’t happen with email.  But the point really is how silly and obsessive we can be about calories and health.  We can be so silly and obsessive that our common-sense goes out the window.

My point is; when we are sitting surfing the internet or writing an email, we are not active.  When we are not active, we atrophy.  Do yourself a favor, write a friend a letter, consume one-tenth of a calorie and then walk to the mailbox or post office and mail that letter!  Your friend will probably be pleasantly surprised too!  Walking to the mailbox can be the first step towards a more active and healthy life.  Give it a try…