Tai Chi in Action

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The other night I got into a discussion and was asked what the best Martial Art is… Of course this is a loaded question and like everything else in the world everyone things theirs is the best! Obviously that isn’t possible so anyone that disagrees with my way must be wrong… πŸ˜‰ just kidding… So the question was which Martial Art is the best. This led to talking about some of the competitions I’ve seen and some I’ve posted about here. Boxer versus martial artist, kung fu versus karate, etc. Then I threw everyone a curve ball which I like to do…I said Tai Chi. That look you have right now, that is the same look they had! Yes, Tai Chi the moving meditation that old people practice so they don’t break anything, Tai Chi. Why?? First let me say I do not practice Tai Chi and have never even taken a class. What? That’s right. I base my opinion on my years of practice and reading and research and interactions with other martial artists. Tai Chi is a moving meditation but it is a Martial Art, one that focuses almost entirely on control of yourself. In a very recent post I wrote about this very topic, if you can control yourself you can usually maintain control of a situation. But there is much more then that. Tai Chi taken years sometimes decades to perfect and it is all done in slow motion focusing on the flow of Chi. Chi is the power behind all of the Martial Arts (if you believe that sort of thing) but Tai Chi spend the most time developing it. It is also my opinion that Tai Chi isn’t a very effective Martial Art until you have practiced for many years. Long years of repetitive learning make the motions practiced second nature. Any fighter with built in reaction is a formidable opponent. I have also been told that since you practice Tai Chi very slowly it changes your perceptional awareness allowing you to seemingly slow down the movements of your opponent. So there I said it, Tai Chi, I know there will be those that ridicule my opinion, especially the MMA crowd. I welcome your thoughts and comments, even your ridicule :p But remember this is my opinion based on my experiences, etc.

It may be useful if you can see how you can use Tai Chi as a fighting art and how the movements are based on actual Martial techniques. With that in mind I found this video:

The Uses Of Tai Chi Chuan

Stepping Aside:

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I often have a discussion with my students about stepping aside. This is perhaps one of the least talked about defensive moves but it is probably one of the most important. When met with confrontation, fight or flight kicks in to help determine what to do. If we choose to fight we tend to stand our ground and attempt to best our opponent. Over the years I have witness countless students stand their ground and attempt to block an attack they could have easily avoided. My presumption is that in an aggressive situation we become so focused on the task at hand, defend and defeat, we lose the bigger picture. If you ever watch a true Master spar you should notice how easy it looks, almost effortless. Many times his opponent isn’t as skilled so this makes sense but even a Master can be caught off guard now and then. Yet this doesn’t seem to happen. I have also seen students perform with similar skill though they lack the technical skills.

A term to describe this is “Training Perspective”. This comes with experience. The Master gains it through years of practice to the point that beginners appear to move in slow motion when sparring! Students who lack technical skill but are use to fighting can also gain this perspective. The more you do something the more second nature it becomes. What I’ve been describing is simply that training to operate in an aggressive situation. The nice thing about the Training Perspective is the ability to see the situation clearly. This brings me back to my original point, avoiding as a form of blocking. Blocking an attack by simply moving out of its way is a great move on many levels. First no contact no potential injuries. Second it can be intimidating as hell to your opponent, of course it can also put them on guard too. Stepping aside also leaves your opponent very vulnerable to your attack since typically their side or back is exposed. Think about adding stepping aside to your blocking drills.

In the mean time I thought I’d add this video clip of an old Wendy’s menu since when I was learning we use to repeat, ‘step aside, please step aside’ when training. It was funny then and still is to me but really this part is her for me! If you enjoy it all the better. πŸ˜‰

Anti-Theft System

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This was too good not to post! The perfect anti-theft device we would all have it were available!

11 Year Old Kyokushin VS Shaolin Battle

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No this isn’t a battle that has lasted 11 years but a battle between two 11 year old competitors! This match pits a Japanese Student of Kyokushin against a Chinese Student of Shaolin Fists. The competion takes place in China before an all Chinese audience all dressed in Red! Who will win…?!

The two eleven year olds are almost equally matched in terms of weight, although the Chinese boy is a bit taller. For those of you who don’t know Kyokushin Karate is considered the “Strongest” karate mostly due to the training techniques; and Shaolin means (little forest) in Chinese though the name is famous in the Martial Arts as stories of Shaolin Monks come to mind. I think you will be surprised by the results of this match.

In my opinion the results are bogus but not surprising given the circumstances of the fight.

When you watch the video take note of the points on both sides ans post your evaluation of the fight in the comments. Let the debate begin!

Putting Things in Perspective

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Sometimes we need to pause and put things in perspective. It isn’t often that I run across something that covers the big picture so well, so when I do I like to share it. Hope this helps you gain some perspective for without perspective there is little we can do. Perhaps watching this will give you the perspective you need to shape the future?!

Body Part Regeneration

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This is amazing and well worth sharing here so more people will know this type of technology is available. If this can help you or anyone you know please pass it on and by all means let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

These doctors are the real heroes of our generation. I wish they would get as much press as some of our dysfunctional athletes.

Here is a 3 part talk on regenerative medicine by expert Alan Russell…

How to Be a Ninja!

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I came across this How-To Video that just had to be shared! A serious documentary on the skills necessary to be…a Ninja!

A Great presentation.

Slow Motion Karate Chop!

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This was to cool not to share…

Jet Li Kicks

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Jet Li is an amazing Martial Artist and this video is a great compilation of his kick ability! The beginning is a bit grainy but the quality improves towards the middle. The video catches some great technique but what is more interesting is to look for the mistakes! Yes Jet Li does make mistakes everyone does! Since these were filmed for movies there are a few clips where you can see an error or two, like a push instead of a forceful kick. That being said his kicks are perfect and beautiful so enjoy and learn!

Pride Lasts a Lifetime

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I am working on the Easter Holiday Appeal for the Pride Lasts Foundation and in doing so I am reflecting on the needs of some of the kids we are trying to support. These are not kids that are starving or typically even homeless so the question begins to form why should we be interested in these kids? It is a good question. I came across this very poignant video, featured below, that really puts things in perspective on who needs immediate help. But there is a but that answers my original question, why these kids? The answer is actually pretty simple: contagious. We should help these kids because Pride is contagious and the more these kids believe in themselves the more they will do with their lives and the more they will develop the propensity to help others.

We are looking to make a small splash that will have a ripple effect on society. It is our belief that while helping these kids we are potentially having a bigger impact. That is not to say that this is a more Nobel cause or that we should forget the plight of the truly destitute, we should not. Help us increase the the potential of these children who are already struggling to make a better life for themselves. Helping those who demonstrate a desire to improve themselves IS a Nobel endeavor, for they improve us and our society and perhaps more important they serve as proof to their peers that they can succeed. We do it because their future is worth it.

If we do not support these children then the facts in the video I mentioned before will always remain just that, the facts.

Perhaps this is the beginnings of a strange appeal letter!