Exoskeleton Combat Gear

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Well the title is a little misleading since you can’t buy one yet but this story got me to thinking about the future of MMA and WWF style competitions…

I had to share this amazing video of the latest advances in Exoskeleton technology. Imagine the applications for this type of technology! It looks like the current prototype is a little slow for say enhanced hand-to-hand combat but that will improve!

With wide spread use we would see reduced work related injuries, increased productivity, increased capabilities in Industrial jobs, Military, Shipping/Loading, Rescue and more! This is a great example of Science Fiction meeting reality, remember Alien, Matrix Revolutions, and others. How many bricks could you break with one of these?! Bet you could catch an arrow with one of these at any range!

Super Bionic Ninja Robot Hand!

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Is this the beginning of the end? Could a Super Bionic Ninja Army soon take over the world?! In this Discovery Channel video they take on the legend that Ninja’s could catch an arrow as a defensive move.

Of course these non-believers prove that to catch an arrow is an impossible feat. But is their experiment accurate? Have they in fact ignored the super human skills Ninja Masters can acquire? Or are they in fact Ninja agents bent on insuring the Ninja secrets stay well secret!? Regardless of which reason you like the fact remains that no Ninja would try to catch an arrow from that distance when they could easily dispatch the Archer with a Shuriken or throwing dart. If they had tried to catch the arrow from further away and had their hand move with the arrow, catching it as it flew by, perhaps their “experiment” would have had a different result! We may never know the truth now as they continue to cloud the secret Ninja skills with Science and Math! If all of this hasn’t convinced you they are in fact Ninja agents sent to confuse us, how can you ignore their closing threat to take over the world with their Super Bionic Ninja Army?!

Donatello where are you?!!

Blocking for Success

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In this video we see a Wing Chun master demonstrating blocking techniques. Below the video are comments from the maker of the video (Hgamer) which offer significant insight into the content. Perhaps the most important observation he/she makes is “notice is that a skilled practioner really just blocks the majority of the time, the unskilled, tries to cover that up by simply blizting the attack.

Regardless of your style you should see similarities to the blocks in your own style. During this video I only saw the Junior practitioner make one potential strike at the beginning of the video. Compare this video to your style in the comments section.

Here’s what the author of the video (Hgamer) posted about This Video:
This took place at windy city’s wing chun 5th annual seminar. I take no credit at all, as my Sifu just showed some superior blocking skills. If you know what to look for you can see tons of different concepts being applied. The 1st thing to notice is that a skilled practitioner really just blocks the majority of the time, the unskilled, tries to cover that up by simply blizting the attack. Its very common in the wing chun world for many to do that.
Also, what how blocks come about, its not done by the hand but by the body. You can visually see this since sifu’s center stays consistent throughout, and simply turns in conjunction with the amount of force, while the hands don’t chase out which is a common no no in wing chun. Let the attacks come to your house, and the closer they are the safer it is for you. All to often, people will shoot out their hands trying to reach out to block.
Blocking is a simple concept but difficult to do, know the person’s centerline, have your triangle constantly point to that indivudals center line, and go with the force. While there are many more concepts involved these are the general three which one must follow to develop superior blocking skills.
Finally in some glimpses you see freezing out motions, where you can literally lock out your opponents motions, by simply holding your structure and technically freezing his hand motion. All to often wing chun is confused with the concept of sticky hands. Sticky hands is not about sticking to people, its making people stick to you. Out in the street, people will not do sticky hands in a real fight, what your developing is the ability so that people will stick to your hands. In a simple concept imagine your hands as blades, if you position your blades in the right angle, whatever touches it will cut into it, thus forcing that individual to stick.”

World’s Youngest Karate Master

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What else can be said?

The Greatest Fight Ever!

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This is perhaps one of the best fight scenes ever. Here we see Benny the Jet and Jackie Chan go head to head. Karate Versus Kung Fu! 5 minutes with two of the martial arts giants of our time demonstrating some of their skills. Benny the Jetisn’t as popular as Jackie Chan but his talents and contributions to the Martial Arts are equally as important. Enjoy this incredible video: