Mas Oyama Trained James Bond…Seriously!

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Mas Oyama, founder of Kyokushin “Ultimate Truth” Karate, trained James Bond star Sean Connery.ย  Not only did Mas Oyama train Sean Connery, Sean Connery was granted the rank of Black Belt (honorary Shodan)…ย  Anyone familiar with the militaristic training requirements set by Mas Oyama understands what a momentous accomplishment it was to train with Mas Oyama, so much so that even the Honorary title is impressive.

Don’t believe it Connery know and trained with Mas Oyama..well here is some proof:

Mas Oyama presenting Sean Connery with Honorary Black Belt Certificate in August 1966.

Mas Oyama presenting Sean Connery with Honorary Black Belt Certificate in August 1966.


Mas Oyama with Sean Connery













The gentleman in the second photo next to Sean Connery is Donn Draeger trainer, accomplished Martial Artist and choreographer for the Bond Movies.ย  standing Mas Oyama and James Bond how cool is that ๐Ÿ™‚

What does your 2014 look like?

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Forget New Year resolutions, they don’t work for a litany of reasons. One of those reasons is you are taught through media and social engineering that you are OK the way you are. You are taught there is no ideal or perfect way or state of being. You are taught to be consumers not producers. Your kids are taught so too. There is a constant onslaught of relax, chill, you are fine, be happy with yourself, and a host of other new age bull crap messages. We are taught to look outward not inward. Not feeling well, buy something! Where is the proof? If you need proof you are blind, but here is a graphic of the average American that demonstrates what I am talking about:
1985-2013 how things have changed.

What was once uncommon has become common.ย  What was once sought after is now shunned.ย  We have let ourselves be led to an instant gratification society, we don’t want to work, we want it now, no pain, no sweat, no effort.ย  I see this every week no matter where I go.

This pertains to the Martial Arts because people don’t earn their belts anymore, they buy them (with rare exceptions).ย  The funny thing is they don’t even know they are doing it, buying their advancement.ย  Most Martial Arts schools know that in order for students to “stick” with their training, they have to keep them interested because if success doesn’t come quickly it will be abandon as too hard.

Today everyone gets a trophy!ย  There is no First place…it is disgusting.ย  The sad part is it is pervasive in every aspect of our society and like any cancer it is spreading.ย  The only solution is to push back, to push a culture of success and failure, to stress the importance of hard work and sweat, personal reflection and improvement.ย  Our greatest competitor should be ourselves, but that takes honesty, did you give it your all?ย  Was that your best?ย  No excuses, excuses are the slippery slope to mediocrity.


No More Karate Electoral College!!

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You read right, it is all the rage, we are tired of going to competitions and having to deal with this insanely unfair Karate Electoral College.ย  The last competition I went to was so unfair, the vast majority of the people at the competition chose me as the winner.ย  It was clear by the crowds reaction, by the energy in the room, even an electronic poll they were running (American Idol style) had me the clear winner.ย  So what happened?ย  Some judges ruled that my opponent won and I lost!ย  That was the most unfair experience of my life and the crowd agreed.ย  Wouldn’t you?ย  Shouldn’t the most popular contestant win?ย  Shouldn’t the people be able to choose the winner, I mean they are watching the fight, they know!!ย  That is why we need to get rid of the Karate Electoral College!

Alright that didn’t happen quiet that way.ย  I am from a very small club, low budget, low body count.ย  What chance do we have at a competition?ย  Well if it is run fairly then a pretty good chance.ย  I have been to both, fair and unfair competitions, they look the same from the outside, they look the same to the crowd.ย  The illusion part is easy for the crowd, the contestants always know, but who do they complain to?

Democracy sucks.ย  The big clubs/schools, with the 500 students win.ย  The small clubs/schools don’t have a voice.ย  Democracy is High School, there are the popular kids (who can do anything up to and including murder), the normal kids (geeks – perspective people) and then there are the wanna-be’s (that is the crowd that want to be part of the popular kid club but are to self-deluded to see that they never will be and that the popular kids aren’t really that nice).ย  Yes I stereotype ๐Ÿ˜‰

Perhaps, a popular vote wouldn’t be all that fair for anyone other than the person who can gain 51% support.ย  In other words the club/school who brings the most members has the best chance of winning.ย  Not very fair for the smaller clubs/schools!ย  Does that mean the Karate Electoral College is actually more fair?!ย  This video may shed some light on the matter, let me know what you think in the comments section…

Study to Train

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Why do we train?ย  Why do we study the Martial Arts?ย  Why do we do all these forms?ย  Why don’t we just fight?ย  Why? Why?

It is the classic question posed in hundreds of films like the Karate Kid.ย  The answer isn’t as crystal clear and the payout isn’t as dramatic in real life.ย  In real life Daniel Larusso (played by Ralph Macchio) would have probably lost.ย  That doesn’t mean he wouldn’t learn the same lessons, but it wouldn’t be a box office success!ย  This is something however you can’t read about, you have to experience it, even then very few look past the failure to learn anything.ย  If you are one that does than I commend you, you are on your way to Mastery of, well anything.ย  Where am I going with all this?

Why do we say study instead of train with respect to the Martial Arts?ย  Because we train to learn basic skills and physical movements.ย  We study so we can learn to extend, to go beyond what training alone can teach.ย  Kind of like the difference between Po and Tai Lung (in Kung Fu Panda), Po studied where Tai Lung trained. ย Tai Lung was limited by his physical self.ย  Whereas Po went beyond his physical self, allowing him to push beyond his physical limits and succeed.ย  I know that is kind of deep and to some it will sound like rubbish, take from it what you will.

The point is, the martial arts teaches us to look within; evaluate our motives, behavior, beliefs, mindset, in total, our self.ย  Unfortunately for some this becomes a religious experience, it is not, nor should it be.ย  The martial arts can exist harmoniously with religion but using it to replace religion is to train without studying.ย  Ultimately the martial arts teaches us control of the Self.ย  This is similar to Self-Control but not the same.ย  When you are angry you demonstrate self-control by not hitting or screaming at the person who angered you.ย  When you are in control of the Self, you see the anger but are not affected by the anger, you are calm, cool and collected.ย  Think about a situation, which is more frightening, an opponent who is red in the face with anger or one who is calm, cool and collected?ย  That is what I thought.ย  What is it about the calm, cool, collected that you find so unnerving?ย  When you attain it you will understand that there is nothing and everything to be feared.ย  Bruce Lee was known for his control of Self.

The Martial Way is not easy.ย  First come training, which leads to Self-Control, more training opens the mind to Study, which if pursued, leads to control of Self.ย  Sounds easy enough, just five “simple” steps!!ย  But the way is hard; the way we live our lives; the society we live in makes it even harder.ย  There is to much noise in most of our lives, even if we don’t engage it, the noise is all around us (in Western Societies).ย  The Martial Way is quiet, reflective and simple.ย  Quiet the opposite of the way the world around us suggests we should live our lives!ย  Self-control is the first major hurtle and honestly our society and values of instant gratification and worldly pursuits make it a difficult hurtle to master.ย  Do you have what it takes?ย  Will power and focus?

What I am describing is not the Martial Arts of the MMA or UFC.ย  That is not to say those are dishonorable pursuits or lacking in any way, honestly I admire their training and dedication.ย  But they where the trappings of the world, lots of noise and little control of Self.ย  Could you see Bruce Lee in a MMA or UFC commercial?ย  Perhaps.ย  Regardless of the path you choose, the path always starts the same…Training!ย  That’s right, get up, stop reading now and Train. (but when you finish training come back to read some more)

First comes Training, so Study to Train!

Don’t be a victim – Protect yourself

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This Class is being taught by my Karate Instructor-Sensei Mitch and is well worth the time and $$. Make sure you tell him you read it here on "The Wearne's in the Woods"

I’m so Blue.

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Well not really me but my belt is - Blue that is! I have finally attended Karate class enough that I felt I was ready to take my next belt test. Now for some this may not seem like a big achievement but the fact is my wife and daughter earned their belts MONTHS ago and I have been feeling a bit "left behind" for lack of a better phrase.

I was unsure if I was going to make it to class due to a really bad headache (borderline migraine) but with the help of several liquid gels and lots of water I overcame the pain and went to class.

I was informed by my Sensei that he didn't go easy on my scoring so I was very pleased when he informed me that I passed!

The girls are almost ready for their next test (purple) so I have some catching up to do, or better yet another goal to reach.

Here is a link to a past post on our Karate Club Website on the meaning of the the blue belt.